Country Life Tales

When I was younger, I thought bird watching was lame, something nerdy that people without a 'life' did. But I've loved birds my entire life. I was always aware of the birds in the area in which I lived and loved to be still and watch them. Once retired, I learned about Project Feeder Watch through Cornell University's Ornithology Lab and felt I could finally put my interest to a good use and it doesn't feel lame at all. In fact, it feels rather great to be helping scientists track what is happening to our North American birds. Can you imagine a world without birds?...more

Spring --- The Ground Is Awakening

I live in the Great Plains and we may get another freeze but it feels like spring and I've begun planting the vegetable garden. The tulips are poking through the ground, the lilacs are swelling and light green tips are showing on some of the trees. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!...more