The LAST Day of Class Ever!

Last week it occurred to me that Johnny Law was getting close to sitting in his last law school class- EVER. It didn’t technically occur to me, I was actually at work posting a Facebook update when I started noticing a steady stream of Johnny Law’s classmates praising the Lord for their last day in a classroom…well sort of. ...more

West Wing Mania Strikes Again

Two very exciting things occurred last weekend. ...more

You're Gonna Do What

As Johnny Law’s final semester of law school’s been winding down, I’ve been reminiscing about the odd chain of events that transpired in order for me to agree to come along for the ride....more

Ridiculous Gifts For Law Grads

I’ve had a couple of people ask me what to buy someone who’s graduating from law school this year. It seems like the go-to gifts are a leather briefcase, portfolio, or maybe even a pen, but who really uses those things anyway? I can see it all now. Johnny Law opens up a beautifully wrapped $80 pen on graduation day…  Johnny Law: “Wow, thanks this is great.”...more