She Wants "A Lover"

Everyone wants to have sex. It's one of our most primal instincts. But humans are the only species that 'make love'.  This is not breaking news, I know! But isn't that why we have chosen a marriage partner...because of the love that sets us apart from the animals?...more

Hurricane ME

It was one of 'those' days...or maybe it's been one of those weeks. The days have kind of run together lately. The point husband and I are right in the middle of of life's little blessings. ♥ Ok - that sounded sarcastic...probably because it was....more

If I'd Had a Bowl of Cherries

 Yes...I am married. Yes...I am lovin' it. So you may wonder whether Mr. Married and Lovin' it and I ever have a less than perfect day (or you may not wonder at all...I've learned that we tend to think the world thinks about us much more than it actually fact, it's usually too busy thinking about itself to care much about you)....more

Live Each Day As If It Was Your "First"


The Red Light District (written by my hubby!)

If you've ever wondered why I married this guy - well, here's a peek into his crazy mind (with which he keeps me laughing all the time!). Enjoy this story he wrote about his and my grandfather's 'guilty pleasure' trip.                                 The Red Light District                                              ...more

The Secret to a Great Marriage? Great SOCKS!

Socks. Yep....I love him because he wears socks.   ...more

I always use my husband as a "heater" in bed. He's always so warm, so it's easy to ...more

An Entire Month Dedicated to PANCAKES!

Who knew?? Not me!! Where have I been? ...more

Is it just me or are addicted to Cash Cab too?

I've never really been a Game Show Junkie but I do love one in particular – Cash Cab!! I am addicted to this one. It's become a ritual for me and the hubby - which means it's scheduled fun - so that counts as a date, right? HA! ...more

The Votes are in...I'm OFF the Charts!

That sounds like a good thing, right? If someone tells a Rock Star his latest song is 'off the charts' he's thrilled, right? Or when your honey says "baby my love for you is's off the charts" (ok, sometimes I have these crazy dreams....whatever!) - that would be a really good thing, right? But when your chiropractor says it....not so much. FYI - I rarely go to a doctor and I haven't been to a chiropractor since I was two - yeah...the pain was severe! ...more

It Clearly Says "Omelet Pan"


I found an amazing omelette pan from the Pot Shop of Boston.  This may be a little more ...more