Last Minute Handmade Gift Idea

If you'd like a quick, simple gift for a teacher, friend or neighbor, I recommend this Italian dressing Mix. There are many ways this mix can be used :...more

for me, i always appreciate more to receive or give handmade little somethings. thanks for the idea.more

5 Money-Saving Tips for the Holiday Season

Ferritin and Restless Leg Syndrome: Natural Remedies

After about 3 weeks of regular iron supplementation, I started to notice a difference in my son's sleep patterns. He wasn't waking nearly as much, he had stopped kicking/bucking his legs, stopped traveling all over the bed, and didn't want to nurse all night long as he had before. He also started to fall asleep in about 15 -20 minutes versus two hours of running around the house. He was still waking once or twice, but this was a huge improvement from every other hour....more
I just want to add that magnesium (citrate) before bedtime (nature's muscle relaxer) is often ...more

Ferritin Serum & Restless Leg (a very real) Syndrome: Medications

Now that I finally knew my poor 18 month old boy had a low ferritin serum test (15 ng/ml), I was fairly certain that was what had been causing his (and my) sleepless nights. I felt confident that he would soon be on his road to recovery. Not exactly. I tried several different iron products only to find that he hated them or was allergic to their ingredients. It required a great deal of research and I want to be able to pass what I've learned on....more

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for the words of praise and encouragement. Curious about the 'remedy' your ...more

Ferritin Serum & Restless Leg (a very real) Syndrome: Diagnosis

I used to laugh at Restless Leg Syndrome commercials. I thought it was a "disorder" that drug companies invented....more