Time away provides a vital boost for a caregiver

[This article first appeared on ksl.com on March 27, 2014.]When voices rise to an uncomfortable level at home, when demands on my time feel like walls closing in on me, when the dog seems more of a chore than a source of relaxation, when emotions get stuck on the lowest side of the spectrum for a prolonged time, I drive away....more

Life as a Quilt

My cutting table is full of fabric rectangles of many colors. Surprisingly, these shades of green, purple, and yellow in plaid, checkers, herringbone designs go well together. I am somewhat relieved, as scrappy quilts disorient me with their multitude of colors and textures. This quilt will be another example of the “Turning Twenty” pattern. Life was wild when I was twenty…  Is it how it got its moniker? As I thoughtfully lay out each piece on my design wall, I see how quilts resemble our lives....more

Numerous Blessings


Best Birdhouse Ever!

Best Birdhouse Ever!...more

Applique on quilts

Simply Successful Applique...more