As I got back from the bus stop the other day and took off my shoes, I had a flash in my mind of the unthinkable, though sadly it has happened to others.  I thought to myself, this month before another heartbreaking anniversary, how I would react if a mentally unstable person took aim at my own children while they sat at school....more
Thank you for your willingness to openly talk about the gun issue. With the report on the ...more

Bring On Menopause

I don't know many women who look forward to menopause but I gotta say that I will embrace it.  You see, it is the last big hormonal shift my body will go through and I have some hopes for that shift.When I was adjusting migraine medications to prepare for getting pregnant with my son, my neurologist told me that some women with migraine end up without migraines after pregnancy.  Apparently in some cases the hormone changes are enough to rid a (lucky) woman of her migraines....more
You never know what the hormonal shifts will bring. My menopause has brought no hot flashes, ...more

Religious Equality

I should start off by saying that I am not a particularly religious person.  I've gone to various churches of various faiths during my lifetime.  I have read about other faiths.  We have discussions in our house about organized religion and religious beliefs and spiritually.  But we don't go to church or subscribe to any particular religion though I tend to just generalize and say we're basically Christian but a little agnostic....more
I totally agree!  It drives me crazy when all these people are calling it a "war on Christmas" ...more

Migraines, Anxiety and Depression Rule My Life

I find it difficult to make any plans.  It seems that whenever I do make plans, my body turns on me and I end up having to cancel.  I hate disappointing people so I tend to just not make plans at all....more

Five Things I Believe

I spent most of the day on the couch or in bed as I'm not feeling well.  As I sit here watching The Princess Bride for what is probably the 80 bajillionth time, I wonder what I might write about today.  I poked around online for some writing prompts and decided on this one from Mama Kat:10. Five Things. List 5 things we don’t know about you, 5 things you’re knowledgeable about, 5 things you know nothing about, and 5 things you believe....more

Kids and Migraines

As I struggled with my own pain and nausea today, I was thrust to me feet when I got a call from the school that T had a migraine of his own and had just vomited.So I rushed to go get him so he didn't have to ride the bus and risk getting sick on all his friends.  He looked so sad and he still had pain.  He made it home before getting sick again.Driving back and forth to school upgraded my nausea.  So we both were miserable....more

Writing and Stress

I feel like I spend the weekdays at a sprint and then when the weekend comes, I have no more energy to give.  I usually end up with a migraine on top of it and may end up losing an entire day of the weekend to it.  They are called "vacation" or "let down" migraines and basically it's like your body has resisted feeling the full pain during the week as you are wound up and busy and when you finally get the chance to relax, it comes on full force....more