Too Pretty to Use?

Hey there ladies! Get yourself out to Target and splurge on this utterly charming and useful Orla Kiely Makeup Case, Stat! #orlakiely for #target I can’t help it ....more

Oh, Ye of the Mild Opinions

It’s true. I have many opinions. And they are Strong Like Ox ....more

I Know, I Know

Where to start? Life. ...more

Pavlov’s Dress

I hit a milestone yesterday. I reached my first “mental” goal in my quest for a healthier me. To reward myself, I’m stopping over to my favorite local dress shop, Double Dutch, ...more

Listen, Guys

Actually, don’t. I don’t need a sympathetic ear. I’m having one of those, “You know what pisses me off?” kinda days ....more


My pants won’t stay up this morning. This is both exciting and mildly annoying. It is also what I believe the denizens of the interworlds call a humblebrag ....more

My Spotty Attendance Record

I know posting has been light, I’m sorry for that. There are a lot of metaphorical balls bouncing off the top of my head because I’m a shitty juggler. When Gabe was born, I reduced my work hours to 32 per week ....more

No Excuses

This daily dose of Barney Stinson Cheesy Inspirational Poster Quotes comes to you courtesy of an overstressed, overloaded, and overworked Denny who needs to remind herself to suck it up and enjoy the ride. All of it. You all should do the same ....more

Trite Mommyblog Topic #478

Every mom has the requisite “I can’t even pee alone” story. I would not be doing proper mommyblog diligence without joining in the cacophony of Just give me five minutes! Please! ...more


It may have been noted here once or twice before, but my son has a bit of a boobie obsession. In fact, I’m pretty sure it has rubbed off on me and that’s why I talk so much about them. He sings odes to boobies, he makes me sing Rock a Bye Boobie,...more