52 photos, 52 weeks!

I have decided to add a big project to my bucket list. I stole (borrowed?) the idea from many an online search. The concept is this: take a photograph every week for the entire year....more

Proud NPR Geek!

My name is denverlori and I am an NPR addict! I’ve said it, I’ve owned it, and I live it!...more

I wish...



All moms have moments in their day when they say out loud, “REALLY??” We stumble upon treasures that make us exclaim, "REALLY??"  through laughter, tears, or clenched, angry fists. A good example of a public “REALLY??” moment is the case of Andrew Weiner putting inappropriate photographs on his public Twitter account. REALLY?? Lately I’ve been doing my best to remember some of the more interesting “REALLY??” moments in my life. Here are just a few from the last few months. Feel free to comment with your own doozies. 1....more

The jig is up!

“Uh, Mom, Dad just told me he is the Easter Bunny!” My mouth dropped open and my eyes opened wide! “What, I had no idea I was married to a giant rabbit!” I guess I should now refer to my 44 year old spouse as Harvey. The confrontation continued as my darling 8 year old daughter came down from the master bedroom with a target bag filled with Easter basket contraband – leftover jelly beans, gummy bunnies and Twix bars. “Seeeeeeee, look what I found!...more

Yo, Hobo!

Just a little story from my week. Thursday morning, 6:54am. My darling son begins to pack his binder for school. Mind you, his ride is leaving at exactly 7:00am. His binder, which is stuffed full of crushed, folded, miscellaneous papers from his seven subject, eighth grade day will barely close. It’s really a crap shoot most every day to see if he can put Humpty Dumpty back together again – zip it up and GO! In a panic he looks up at me and says, “The zipper is broken!” In the short period of time I try to repair said broken zipper with zero success....more

I am Barbie, hear me roar!

I am an American woman – not a baby boomer, not a Gen Xer -- I am of the Playskool generation. I learned long ago I am of the generation that began to play with mass produced, mass marketed toys designed to teach and encourage packaged imagination. I remember one of my top five toys as a child was my Playskool Schoolhouse. I always found it odd they chose to misspell "skool" in a series of learning toys.  It came with magnetic alphabet letters and a pop out metallic roof....more


Last week three, college-educated, forty something women (myself included) made a trip to the Denver Art Museum (DAM for the locals). You might expect a few high brow discussions about what the artist was thinking? You might expect quiet, thoughtful reflection about the various galleries of ancient art? When we ran into groups of other patrons and museum staff that is exactly what we did, however, who knew the D.A.M had an eye in the sky and ears on the wall? Oops....more


We just passed a milestone. Three years have passed. We had our triennial IEP (individualized education plan) meeting for my twice exceptional boy. Who knew three years ago we would even need an IEP? Back then it terrified me!...more

where does poverty live?

I live in an affluent suburb of Denver. My life is easy. I worry about very little. I live in a beautiful community with Recreation Centers, award winning schools, and outstanding after school opportunities for my children. I have health insurance (still not sure why I have so many out of pocket expenses from this major insurance carrier)....more