Living with an artist

Al and I got together in the summer of 2006. When we first started dating, we spent a lot of time walking beside the river, hiking, and riding our Harleys. It became apparent to me rather quickly, that an artists brain is different.  The way they see the world around them, is not like everyone else, it’s more detailed and beautiful.  Al was strictly carving his functional art pieces when we met. So a walk in the woods was spent looking at tree branches, pine cones, and my favorite, the ripples on the river. He was working on a wonderful piece that first summer....more

The number marks the years you’ve been alive. It has nothing to do with age.

 The number of years I’ve been alive is 48. I was an idiot in my 20’s. That seems to be fairly common for women from my generation. The women in their 20’s now, are way more together than I ever was at that age. Then I hit my 30’s. My life was full of raising two boys, working full time, and puttering along in a mediocre marriage. I don’t think I realized it was a mediocre marriage  at the time. I lived my life, he lived his, and the years moved forward....more

We love the books

Yes, we love books. The real books, with real pages and covers and pictures. We like to flip through them, book mark them, and take them with us when we travel. One of our favorite things to do is, go to a used book store and look around. We've found some great things there. People are always asking us how we come up with our ideas. Well, actually Al gets this more than me, people are more fascinated with original sculpture than reproduction beadwork. I totally understand that....more

Jumping off the treadmill

No, this is not a fitness post gone wrong, by telling you to dive off your treadmill. That would probably be dangerous, and hurt. Jumping off the treadmill is a term we have used for the last couple of years. Basically it means that life can be like running on a treadmill, you run like hell and never get anywhere.  You get the job to pay the bills, to work some more, and pay more bills. It never ends, unless you get off the treadmill, look around, and reevaluate. ...more

Beads in history

  People have been making beads since 100,000 BC. A small amount of ancient shell beads have been discovered in caves on Mount Carmel.  Beads in greater quantity were discovered in Africa and are at least 39,000 years old. Ostrich shell beads were made in Africa in the Rift Valley due to the abundance of  the ostrich shells. Beads were used as adornment as early as 38,000- 26,000 BC. Beads were shaped by chipping, grinding, and polishing, then perforated by turning a sharp pointed stone tool....more

How great art is created

How does a sculpture get from this,  The start of a sculpture...more