Islam, hijab and one vocal actress

Contributing editor Priya Ramachandran also blogs at Words on Water [img_assist|fid=2165|thumb=1|alt=shabana|caption= ] Indian actress Shabana Azmi, who was awarded the International Gandhi Peace Prize in London earlier this month, has triggered off a controversy with her statements that Islam did not require women to cover their faces. (Azmi is Muslim.) Predictably enough, the more conservative Muslim clerics in India are riled up about it. ...more

Tanilan, I agree on modesty. Part of what I noticed growing up in India was that you could be ...more

India set to score with Brangelina

Contributing Editor Priya Ramachandran also blogs at Words on Water [img_assist|fid=2145|thumb=1|alt=jolie] I really don't know what to think of rumors circulating that Brangelina are adopting from India this time. With a name like India planned, I assumed it would be a girl. But, to wit: ...more

I think India is a stupid name for a child, no offense. I certainly hope they're not REnaming ...more

Happy Birthday Gandhiji!

[img_assist|fid=1906|thumb=1|alt=gandhi] October 2nd was Mahatma Gandhi's birthday. In India, we used to look forward to this day mainly because it was a government holiday. Schools, banks, post offices all closed down. There'd be ceremonies everywhere - serious looking politicos would garland Gandhi photos, prayer songs would be sung. If your parents were like mine, they'd sit you down in front of the telly and make you watch Attenborough's Gandhi for the 418th time in your life. ...more

Great post. He was one of the people who has always inspired me to try to be a better ...more

The black creeps out of the ears

Every mother knows this - pregnancy gives you that extra sanction, that lets you smile wistfully at kids on the street, or strike up "Don't you have the cutest smile ever?" conversations with wide-eyed kids. I was no different. I'd stop to admire kids everywhere - on the Metro, Target, Walmart, the restroom line. I'd gush about these kids to my husband, who thankfully did not suffer from the same craziness. ...more

OH MY. What a topic, especialy one starting with your own daughter ...


Keeping a faith alive

My daughter's baptism is around the corner. She will be formally accepted into the Catholic Church this Saturday. I have mixed feelings about it. In some ways, I rationalize that I just want her to be a good human being, so it does not matter what faith she is. But then, I worry that she will learn little of the Hindu identity she inherits from me, especially given how glamorous Christmas and Santa Claus can be. I worry than my plain vanilla Gods will pale in front of all that dazzle. ...more

I don't have a mixed religion marriage and can't give you advice on that front. I just want to ...more

Airy travel

Two airline related stories this week caught my eye. The first was the arrest of 12 Muslim passengers on a flight from the US to Bombay. BBC reported earlier this week that: ...more

I read a recent article in NYT where they said they would watch for people's expressions - ...more

Sweetheart, you speak English?

I have only about a quarter of a head of hair - I blame the loss of the rest to bad genes, bad hormones and bad karma. Even though I don't sport a mullet - mohawk, I can understand and empathize with S. R. Sidarth. ...more

very insightful read.

"fearlessness is just faking it till you get there"

so very true.more

Can we get some of those Baby on Board buttons for Metro?

[img_assist|fid=1328|thumb=1|alt=preg]I just finished watching an old George Carlin stand-up routine, in which he railed against Baby on Board stickers. According to the gent, those stickers are meant to tell people that everyone knows they're crazy drivers, but please would they straighten up their driving for a while, because there's a baby on board. Erm, yes, us new parents do tend to think the sun rises from our progeny's hinies. ...more

"Please Offer Me A seat" Lucky I was carrying a small atomizer of perfume because I was actually ...more

Chindia Rules - Indian Blogs, China-style Censorship

India's big dream for itself is to transform Bombay to a Shanghai like shimmering city by the sea. Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Indian Prime Minister, has made no secret of this desire of his. While Shanghai remains a distant reach for Mumbai - as of now - India's managed the dubious distinction of mimicking China's stranglehold on spontaneous creativity. ...more

Bombay burning

[img_assist|fid=829|thumb=1|alt=Bombay blasts|caption=Image from BBC] I don't remember ever enjoying the train rides in Mumbai's local trains. They were bipolar extremes maquerading as public transport. You were squished by humanity from all sides, and hence you floated into and out of the trains, a human buoy. Your nose was assaulted by the unholy mix of sweat and Cuticura powder and smelly shoes. But when you went back to your small town life, you complained to anyone who would listen how you never had to wait more than two minutes for a missed train in Bombay. ...more

I agree! And I wondered about that "purported" email. Heading over th Sepiamutiny right ...more