How to Set Up a Blog

Now before you get ahead of yourself and start picking out blog names, having the Wordpress vs. Blogspot argument, and buying hosting for the next three years, you need to 1) stop, 2) sit down, and 3) consider what you’re about. ...more
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What Greatness Means to Me

 This is a special post I penned specifically for Lewis Howes, the dashing LinkedIn guru, who is seeking a writer to train and join him for a few projects. This is my “application” to work with Lewis, but don’t be shy--let me know what greatness means to you!...more

7 Facebook Mistakes that Make You Look Ridiculous

I’m a stickler for good Facebook etiquette. The opposite drives me mad and works my nerves. Read this post to avoid these eye-watering, nerve-breaking, heart-racing mistakes! ...more
@Kathy K Great point about Twitter Kathy! I have noticed that not all real famous people are ...more

7 Cardinal Sins of Twitter

Last week I got such an overwhelming response to my Facebook mistakes post that I decided to do one for Twitter too. I hope you’re not guilty of doing these cardinal Twitter sins!1) Begging People to “Follow Back!”...more

Why You Should Guest Blog, Part II

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Barrenness or Building?

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Paul Carrick Brunson's Tips for Choosing Your Mentor

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Foreshadowing: The Foretelling of Literature

One of my favourite scenes in Lord of the Rings: Two Towers is when Eowyn rushes outside the great hall in frustration. The slimy Grima Wormtongue has been plaguing her with attempts to poison her with his words as he has the king, Theoden. Yet as the Nordic beauty stands looking off into the distance, a standard tears itself from its pole and flies away and away, past the coming benevolent riders, and further still....more