Gingerbread Village

It began innocently enough with a $4 cookie cutter that I bought last year. My local grocery store carries seasonal house brand products and I love to discover hidden gems. The 3D mini gingerbread house cutter is a perfect example ....more

Southern Party For 40

Last Friday I catered my skating club’s end of year party at a friend’s home. I had an idea of the menu weeks in advance but did not flesh out the details until pretty late in the game. Luckily experience with cooking for large group came in handy and I drew on all the lessons I learned in previous years ....more

The Fanciest Bait: Chocolate Babka

I believe in eating chocolate for breakfast if the opportunity presents itself. Last time I made smitten kitchen’s Chocolate Swirl Buns it was a temporary farewell to gluten as I experimented with anti-inflammatory diet. It was a haunting reminder during those few weeks of what I missed out in the name of healthy eating ....more

And The Winner Is

Thank you everyone for entering the Trick or Treat giveaway. Congratulations to Yvonne T., the winner of Candy By Candy prize pack! I hope you will enjoy the assortment of Mocha Mallomars Surprise, Trillian Bar, Curry Coconut Brittle, Apple Cider Caramel, and Peanut Butter Nougat Bar ....more

Trick Or Treat Giveaway!

It’s giveaway time! Are you ready for Halloween tomorrow? I don’t plan to dress up this year but I’ve been building a coffer of homemade candies ....more

Mocha Mallomars Surprise

I grew up snacking on Whippets, the Canadian counterpart of American Mallomars. If you’re familiar with the Danish treat flødeboller, you can see similarities too. The combination of soft cookie and marshmallow cream coated in chocolate captures the best part of s’mores without the hassle of setting up campfire ....more

Sticky Business

Tempering chocolate used to make me quake in my shoes out of intimidation. Not anymore. Like most skills, with enough practice, I finally master it well enough to do so reliably ....more

Wafu (Japanese Style) Sandwich Cookies

Baking inspirations come in waves and recently I have more ideas than I can keep up. An interesting opportunity has come up recently and baking may take on a much bigger role in my life. It’s both scary and exciting at the same time ....more

Baked Alaska My Way

Last Sunday my cooking friends and I had another one of our famous themed gathering with ice cream being the feature star. With over 15 of us and many brought in more than one flavour of homemade ice cream, the selection was dazzling. Our host foodpr0n roughly divided the event into three segments ....more

Coconut Cake For Dad

I baked many birthday cakes for family and friends. Some were greatly appreciated. Some we ate with indifference ....more