Montreal 24h Relay Catering 2014

I did not plan on taking up the role of team chef again for Montreal 24h Relay in 2014. It is a lot of hard work, sleepless nights, and logistical challenges. Although my experience in 2011, 2012, and 2013 were all positive, turmoil in my personal life sucked all motivation to do anything ambitious like feeding 25 people over the course of 24 hours in a city 5 hours away from home ....more

Swedish Princess Cake

Sweden holds a special place in my travel experiences. It is one of the few countries I never planned to visit yet I somehow ended up in more than one occasions. Back in 2007, I spent a few days in Stockholm, Kiruna, and Jukkasjärvi as part of a whirlwind destination wedding at the Ice Hotel ....more

Rick Bayless Slow Cooker Cochinita Pibil

A few weeks ago I drove to Chicago on my own for a weekend of racing at the Chicagoland Inline Marathon. I attended this race countless times before but always traveled with other skaters. The 9-hour drive was decidedly not fun but I did enjoy the freedom to explore Chicago on my own between races ....more

One Prep, Two Meals

For time crunch weeknight dinners, nothing pleases me more than having all my ingredients washed, cut, and ready to cook. This is especially true for dishes that require meticulous prep involving long list of ingredients. Last weekend I spent a leisurely afternoon slicing up a storm and the result was not one, but two different dinners that satisfied my cravings for Korean food ....more

Persian Orange Torte with Cream Cheese Frosting

One of my most memorable pastry experiences in Sydney was Black Star Pastry in Newtown. The closet-size store was packed with customers at any given time and with good reasons. Never mind that I felt so out of place in hipster central ....more

Crack Pie Class With Christina Tosi

Last week I came across Momofuku’s tweet about a demo class with Milk Bar’s chef Christina Tosi in Toronto. Without any hesitation, I immediately reserved my spot and made plans with foodpr0n to attend the class together. I cannot say I am a huge fan since I only visited NYC’s midtown location in 2010 and my taste memory is fuzzy ....more

Lets Go Hiking: Bulgogi Beef Jerky

Trail mix and beef jerky are the culinary counterparts of hiking boots and cargo shorts. They belong in the great outdoors and I am suspicious of them in urban setting. I am far from being the outdoorsy type even though I am athletically-inclined ....more

Knock Off

One of the many joys of being sufficiently competent in the kitchen is the ability to recreate dishes from taste memory. A couple of weekends ago I bought an assortment of salads from Whole Foods’ take out counter and really enjoyed them. They were pricey for what they were but the convenience factor was hard to beat ....more

Apple Cider Soft Caramel

My summer plan for Candy By Candy fell through when I got too busy digging myself out of some emotional turmoil. I am disappointed by my lack of commitment but also relieved that the troubles are mostly behind me now. I still have plenty of supplies that I bought when I planned for my pop up shop including stacks of wrapping paper and pounds of couverture chocolate ....more

A Tart Made For Summer

I look forward to outdoor entertaining on warm summer days. Good food is a key part of any successful parties and I am always excited to broaden my repertoire. Chilled soup, pitchers of sangria, a platter of antipasti or charcuterie, grilled kebabs, and no-fuss fruity dessert all immediately come to mind ....more