Why I Became a Social Worker Instead of a Dolphin

March is Social Work Month. What? You didn't know this? C'mon. Surely you must be celebrating the profession responsible for removing children from their parents' custody and switching all of those babies around in hospitals.  I mean really, if you watched movies on Lifetime television, you would know what "real" social workers do.  And with that, I'm illustrating why we need a sarcasm font.  I don't often write about my "offline" life when I am in an "online" space, but I think it's time for me to talk about what I've been doing for the past twenty years. ...more
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iPod Therapy

Are you someone who doesn't just listen to the music, the music is really the soundtrack of your life? That's me too! I remember when the Dateline Timeline questions would be posed and I always could nail the year by the music clue.  Seriously, my own life is a timeline set to music. And being this way meant I was Queen of the Mix-Tape throughout the 80's. ...more
I call it my "Self Esteem Playlist". Almost everything on it is by a lesbian woman or a Disney ...more

New Study on Working Mothers Misses the Truth Behind What Kids Eat

Really? Wow. What sort of policy would that be? Would we have Congress mandate all parents need to be home by 5:30 pm in order to get dinner on the table? Or maybe we would lobby the Senate to put forth a bill requiring parents to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables. I'm just going to say what I think most parents, if not people in general, are thinking, "Give me a break!" We need policies alright, but it's not the parents who need the help, it's our country. I'm not an economist, but it doesn't take an economist to know we're in a slump here. Money is tight. Fast food is cheap. ...more

We need to stop government subsidizing the GMO soy products, much of which are controversial ...more

Clinton Kelly Interview: TLC's "What Not To Wear" Ambushes a Parenting Blogger

Amanda (aka Dumb Mom who writes the blog Parenting By Dummies had been nominated for a fashion intervention by her best friend. It was all going down at the Newseum. TLC's "What Not To Wear" had selected Amanda for an ambush style makeover (airing tonight). She was going to have to pack up her wardrobe, bring it to New York City, and shop by the rules set by style gurus Clinton Kelly and Stacy London. I was in on the secret -- and got to ask Clinton Kelly a few questions, to boot....more

Love him. Have considered starting to dress in all sweats just so friends would nominate me for ...more

When a Peacenik Becomes a Military Spouse

As we began our military life, and me the wife of a Butter Bar, I recall lamenting at a squadron barbecue about how I might be "the only person who came from a Lefty upbringing." A Colonel's wife grinned big and said, "Oh Devra, every place you go, you will find you are not alone. You will find a great diversity in the military and the spouses. You will always find someone who is a lot like you." ...more
Love it! I am also a peace activist, war protesting military spouse. When my husband and I first ...more

Blogger Warned By Court to Stop Showing Kids: Should You Worry?

I've got my own ideas about what I am comfortable putting online in regard to my family, my friends and my job. What feels right to me, might feel wrong to someone else, or vice versa. However from time to time a situation blows up on the blogosphere and while that blogger's experience may not mirror mine or yours, it may cause us all to reflect on some things about it anyway. Such was the case when a mom in Georgia posted an update on her Facebook page stating she had to promise the Department of Family Services in her county she would stop blogging and vlogging about her children. Initially folks kind of freaked out, I mean, how many of us have blogged or vlogged about children? ...more
"Made-for-TV movies and the media have done a fabulous job of making social workers appear as if ...more

Chelsea Clinton Got The Interfaith Ceremony I Didn't ... With My Rabbi

She understood why I wanted it to be a different rabbi with the same name. You see, 20 years ago, I had asked Rabbi Ponet to co-officiate at my wedding, and he told me "No." But he did not do so harshly. In fact, he took me out for coffee at a local cafe bookstore in New Haven and there, at a back table, he explained to me why he would bless my wedding in the basement on High Street (what served as a small Hillel shul of sorts before the Slifka Center existed), attend my wedding, but not officiate at my wedding. ...more

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You Can Give Somebody a "Good Death" -- It's Okay to Talk About It

In my family, death is woven into life, and the dying are inextricably linked to the living, but this isn't the case for every family. I've met lots of people who are uncomfortable when it comes to dealing with illness, death and talking about dying is a taboo. Or for others, it seems like it's such a long way off, why worry? ...more
I had the privilege of being the caregiver for an elderly neighbor who had no family close to ...more

Putting the Oy in Decoy: Politician Suggests Police Pose as Jews To Fight Anti-Semitism in The Netherlands

Using a decoy to nab the bad guy (or girl) is a lot like like fishing, you put your lure on the line, wait for the bite, and reel in your catch. Vice cops have been using the decoy method for years. It's nothing new for police to dress up as prostitutes and homeless people in order to fight crime in major metropolitan areas.  Yes, but is it good for the Jews? ...more

Since they've only proposed the plan, there isn't anything I could find about how the plan, if ...more

Not Your Imagination: It Costs More for You to Raise Your Kids Than It Did for Your Parents to Raise You

Unless you are homeschooling on a self-sufficient farm, it probably means the total expense of childrearing  is at 17 percent of your budget right now, as opposed to two percent in 1960. ...more

I have entered so many contest just to win a little money to pay for my sons loans, will be ...more