He Is My Running Partner

On Saturday night, my husband looked at me and said “you should go to bed babe.” He knew I had to be up early. The next day, I would be running my first half marathon ever… I was a total asshole to him that afternoon and he didn’t even mention it. With a kiss, he sent me off ....more

Same, Same but Different

Facebook has this new feature- memories- where they show you what you posted 1,2,4, 6- years ago today. 6 years ago this past week I said goodbye to my 2-bedroom loft apartment, packed up my car for shipping and took my 3-month-old baby girl on a plane to California. It was scary, and sad, and little did I know it was the last time that I’d seen Dawn....more

You’re Doing It Right

I saw my therapist yesterday. I love her for more reasons than one, but I trust her so much because she’s been seeing me since 2006- that’s a long time. I know… you’re thinking “You’ve been in therapy...more

If The Shoe Fits…

That doesn’t necessarily mean that you should wear it....more

What I’m Reading: The Adrenal Reset Diet

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. Part of my journey with taking back my health has led me to reading lots of books. Not necessarily looking for answers, but to arm myself with as much information as possible to help me make more knowledgeable decisions ....more

Have You Seen My Boobs?

No, really. Back in December I was in a D cup. It was glorious ....more

I Felt Strong

This past Saturday I woke up...more

The Let Down

There were tears after gymnastics last night. She didn’t get a star, and there were tears. I experienced a range of emotions- they started with frustration and slowly moved to annoyance, mild anger, and then great sadness masked as stern mommy-ness ....more

When You’re Done: The Debate Continues

I have been late to work every. single. day ....more

Shake It Up

I know… you’re singing Taylor Swift’s Shake...more