Digital killed the video star...or something like that.

We are all filled with little memories of our childhood that somehow pop into our heads for whatever reason, but how much do we really remember?  And if you do, how accurate are your memories?  I can’t remember last week, much less what happened twenty-something years ago - but, in reality, we really don’t remember things exactly as they happened anyway, just how we imagined they did ....more

Let's play devil's advocate, shall we?

There are a few things that annoy me, okay maybe a lot of things annoy me.  It can be little things such as people who smack their lips when they eat or big things like lack of basic human kindness from a complete stranger.  However, one of the biggest things on my list of annoyances are assumptions - a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof.  I know we are all guilty in one ...more

Meg Ryan is my B.F.F.

While flipping the TV stations looking fo ...more

When your piñata just won't break.

I really do want to start the ne ...more

It's not OCD, it's this whole other disorder.

I came to realize this morning that it isn’t an obsessive-compulsive-disorder that makes me start scouring a cookie sheet pan to remove the those pesky little grease spo ...more

Nailed it!

How many times have you followed a recipe only to be disappointed in the end?  It looks nothing like the photo and never mind if it tastes good – it doesn't look like the picture!  Isn't that why we like the photos to begin with, to know the end result? I would think it’s just my own personal cooking OCD, but Pintrest demonstrates time and time again disillusioned cooks with their own disappointing culinary adventures.   ...more