Turducken Burgers Quick Fix For Mardi Gras

If you have ever been to Cajun Country in Louisianna around holidays, you may have been lucky enough to try Turducken.  It's a boneless turkey stuffed with a boneless duck, stuffed with a bonesless chicken and all stuffed with a cornbread andoullie sausage stuffing.  Just saying all that is a lot of work. ...more

Does Old Bay Crab Hash Eggs Benedict Qualify as Healthy? It's Gluten and Dairy Free!

I recently shared my recipe for Old Bay Crab Hash Eggs Benedict and someone said to me it's not healthy.   I would say it's definitely a healthy version of the original.  It contains no gluten, dairy or soy.  The potatoes have less calories and fat then an English muffin.  The Hollandaise sauce uses a butter substitute...more

Conference was great

The conference was great.  I met wonderful blogers that I hope to keep in touch.  Now to do something with everything I just learned.  ...more

My First Conference

I’m very excited to be headed to my first blogher conference.  I hope to meet lots of blog friends and learn many new things about a blog life.  I wonder if there will be any gluten free food available or just my snack bag? ...more