13 Tips to Make Halloween Decorating Cheaper

For some people, it’s all about the candy. For others, the costumes. I love Halloween decorations. Why? They’re fun. They’re kitschy. They make me feel like a little kid all over again. ...more
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Tips for a Greener Halloween

“Green” Halloween is the hip way to celebrate our spookiest season. But what does that mean? At Big Green Purse, we focus on putting some “eco” in the EEK! See how, in the first of this two-part series on greening Halloween. ...more
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An "Epic" Film About Environmental Concerns

What really goes on in a forest? And why should we care? Is a forest just a bunch of creepy vines, trees too tall to climb, and annoying insects that bite and sting? Or is it a place where Nature works the magic the Earth needs every day to keep our world going strong?...more
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Interview: Lisa Jackson, Former Head of EPA

Lisa Jackson recently retired as America’s top environmental CEO. For four years, she was the Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a job that put her right in the middle of the nation’s most important and high-profile environmental controversies. (She was also the first African-American to hold that position.)...more

Vice President Biden and will.i.am Rock the Green Inaugural Ball

The Green Inaugural Ball was a blast: part rock concert, part political rally, part fashion show, and definitely part food feast....more
Sounds like a great evening! I am so impressed that it was nearly zero waste. This just proves ...more

Green Gifts For Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast on October 29th – right before the holidays, when many of us seek non-commercial, non-materialistic ways to show our love for family and friends. Meanwhile, hundreds in New Jersey and New York lost their homes and, in some cases, all their belongings due to wind, fire and floods - and they struggle still....more

Election Day: Environmental Issues At Stake

I am not a fear monger or a worry wart. But as the presidential election runs out its last 24 hours, I fear that my security and the security of my children are at stake in this election. And I worry that, under a Romney administration, the environmental progress we’ve seen over the last four years could come to a screeching halt....more
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How You Can Avoid Eating Arsenic When You Cook Rice

Alarming levels of arsenic, a toxin that can cause bladder, lung and skin cancer, are showing up in rice. Why? It has to do with the way we grow food. Soil naturally contains some arsenic. But many of the pesticides and herbicides used on conventional farms add much more arsenic to the ground....more

Team ENERGY STAR Essay Contest Gives Kids a Chance to Shine

 Team ENERGY STAR, the Environmental Protection Agency’s program to teach kids about energy efficiency, is holding an essay contest for kids. Why? First and foremost, Team ENERGY STAR wants to recognize kids for the steps they’re taking to use energy more efficiently, and they’ve got all kinds of great prizes to award to show their appreciation. But here’s another important reason: They want to inspire other kids to use energy more efficiently, too....more

Simple, Non-Toxic Ways to Protect Yourself from West Nile Virus

West Nile Virus is on the rise in the United States, a consequence of the climate change that is bringing more extreme weather conditions to many parts of the country....more