Bikinis and Bifocals, that's where I am

I have been a member for a few weeks, and attempting to figure this whole blog thing out! I am attempting to devote some time each day to explore this possibility in my writing and my life. I am the co-owner and co-founder of Biknis and Bifocals. It is a community of women as well as a web site. The mission of Bikinis and Bifocals is to promote a positive attitude and image for baby boomer women towards aging. Life has just begun as far as I am concerned. This is the best time of life and if armed with information, networds and a positive attitude, it can be great. ...more

Good and plenty! That describes me and my outlook on the world.  I refuse to pay attention to ...more

Postive Attitude at Any Age

We tell our children to be positive, our co-workers, employees, family members, but it is important for us as women, as we age to be positive about ourselves as well. So many women I talked to a couple years ago, who were my age, were so negative about turning 50. I was rather surprised, I thought it was great. 50 is such a cool number rather than something like 48, 49. 50 is a milstone and I was glad to be meeting it. It was a time for me to celebrate all that I had accomplished and would accomplish in my life. Why be negative and depressed. ...more