Winter wonders

It’s been a winter to remember, that’s for sure. As a transplant to Indiana from Colorado, having snowy winters is not new to me. However, this has been by far the snowiest winter we’ve had in our nine years in the Midwest. Here's a recap of our winter thus far at the Weidenbenner home:...more

Cooking up new memories

Not shown actual size ;-)...more

Rental car rousting

 When I picked up my navy blue rental car in Philadelphia, Penn., I had no idea that being a creature of habit would almost land me in jail....more

Providence and roses

“As Providence would have it” is a phrase that’s common where I work. You see, I work for a group of Catholic nuns (they prefer the term women religious). I’ve always believed in the Providence of God although I didn’t use that terminology when I was younger. One of my favorite verses is “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28) I believe this with all my heart but some days it’s hard to hold on to, physically....more
The roses are a beautiful, tangible expression of your faith.  Thank you!   Earth’s crammed with ...more

Veggies - here we come!

I signed up for my first CSA experience (community supported agriculture).  Next week Joe and I will pick up our first one-half share of locally grown, organic vegetables, fruits and herbs from White Violet Center for Eco-Justice. ...more

Mow, mow, it's off to work we go

When we moved to Indiana, my father-in-law kindly donated his “seasoned” Snapper riding mower to our almost-one-acre of land.  (The fact that he wanted a new, zero-turn radius mower sweetened the deal).  Husband Joe was up to the task of tackling the brambles, branches and bushes as well as neatly mowing and trimming the grass. The first mow of the season took two and a half days – not solid mowing time of course and only during daylight hours. Adjustments needed to be made to the seat, spark plugs, carburetor and blade....more

Maine or Rac-coon?

Shortly after moving to Terre Haute in 2005, we lost one of our two cats to bladder cancer. Two months later, a Maine Coon kitten showed up at my friends’ backdoor with a terrible respiratory infection and she took it to the vet for treatment. My husband Joe and I adopted it as a playmate for our remaining orange Manx cat, Oliver. Lil’ Tyke, as he became known, came to live with us in October....more