Are You Better Off than You Were 4 Years Ago?

"Are you better off today than you were 4 years ago?” That’s the question Republicans are imploring Americans to answer as they make their way to the voting booths in November.  Let’s put politics and party affiliations aside and apply this question to you and your career, to you and your company.Most of us don’t think in 4-year chunks. We are retrospective and introspective about the early days, last year or even last week. Four years is a rather arbitrary benchmark post-college.  And we aren’t choosing a President of Public Relations, though that would be great fun....more

Do It First: The First Five Minutes of Your Workday

At my middle school son’s open house last week where we met the teachers and heard about their teaching philosophies, I noticed a trend that just might be applicable to us adults. When the students walk into the classroom every day, they immediately begin the “do it first” exercises: write down the homework for that night (so there’s no excuses!) and then start a writing exercise for the next four to five minutes....more

Promoting Future Women Leaders in the Workplace

Many of us were told when we were young to not always take credit for a job well done; to deflect and practice humility.  Don’t put your name in bold letters next to a project. It’s good advice, but has it impaired women’s ability to break through the glass ceiling? Are women now afraid to take credit; are they stumbling on their way up the career ladder?...more