why I love the autumn

“You expected to be sad in the fall. Part of you died each year when the leaves fell from the trees and their branches were bare against the wind and the cold, wintery light. But you knew there would always be the spring, as you knew the river would flow again after it was frozen....more

a woman and her body–a tale of awkwardness, discomfort and maybe some peace in the end

For most of my life I have felt awkward in my own skin.  I don’t know why quite, just a feeling of not being good enough, not being thin enough, not being pretty enough.  I suppose years of hearing how beautiful someone else is, compared to you, or how thin someone else is compared to you, looking around and wishing to be another, for girls, I think, this idea of beauty takes it toll in little insidious ways. Maybe it was the boyfriend who tells you, trying to be helpful no doubt, how great you’d look if you’d only lose a little weight....more