Dear Applicant, You bite the big one.

Diannebug  I got a rejection letter today.The letter was for a job I applied for in late November. I also got one yesterday for one that I applied for in early November.I'm not that upset, because I figured out a while ago, that they would have called me in December if I they wanted me for either of the jobs.In a way, I'm actually relieved to get a letter. I'm at the point in my job hunt, that just hearing back is a blessing. It is one less thing to worry about....more

It's like AA for friendships

   Yesterday, I had lunch with my friend Mel. See, Mel is a friend I made in college. But I haven't really kept in touch with her. Not because of her, but because for me. She is totally best friend material. She's awesome, and we have tons in common. But for the longest time I kept myself at arms distance because everyone I made friends with in College, left. They scattered across the globe and she was actually planning to do this too. I guess I just got bummed because I know, that I have at least one more year here. (that's when the hubs graduates)....more

Hospital and Holiday Stress

Diannebug  This has been the most eventful holiday season in quite sometime. Last week my best friend had her appendix removed. Of courrse I went and helped her out, sat with her, kept her occupied etc. I'm like a hamster on crack when necessary. I'm entertaining when you need someone to keep your spirits up.But I was exhausted. I was sick and I still had to buy everyone's Christmas gifts. OY...more

My near breakup with Santa Claus

Diannebug I loved santa as a kid and I love the idea as an adult. I think it's fun and magical. Unfortunately, I learned the truth about Santa a bit younger than most kids. After some argument between my older cousins, one of them thought it would be a laugh riot to let me in the know. I was all of four or five years old....more

the one where they start to call...

Diannebug Job outlook: updateIf you've read some of my previous posts, you know that I have been struggling to find a job. I've applied for over 100 different jobs, maybe 200. It became too depressing to keep count a long time ago. I've had a few interviews, but nothing has panned out.The worst part.... Is when no one calls. You put in application after application and no one returns a call. Not even one to tell you that you suck....more
thank you so much!more

The one where She said one thing and He heard another.....

Diannebug  I've been married for 4.5 years. I have a wonderful marriage. One of the things which we pride ourselves on is our mad communication skills. If we have a problem, are upset, or we have an errant thought, we will discuss it until it is resolved. Or atleast until we can't think about it anymore....more


Diannebug  When I broke my leg last year and couldn't walk for a few months, I had a lot of time on my hands. Like a ton. There wasn't a lot for me to do other than watch television. Let me tell you, television starts to suck after a while. But luckily we have free cable so it's a bit better than regular television.Anyway, most of my time was spent watching Bravo. Now that it's cold and the opportunities to go play outside are dwindling, the t.v. seems to be on more often. Which means more Bravo. More fabulousness....more

Baking and junk

Diannebug  In my immediate family I am the only girl left. Which means that the bulk of holiday cooking and baking is left up to me. Sexist much? Eh I roll with it.Today is my big brother's birthday. He's one of my best friends in the entire world and is just an awesome guy. So I am making his favorite dish (cornbread dressing) and a chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Unfortunately he'll be working until super late tonight, so he'll get to celebrate his birthday for all of a few minutes....more

The one where I'm a wee bit needy

Diannebug  I am running on exactly three hours of sleep. I woke up from a crummy dream and decided it was best if I not revisit dreamland for the time being.You see, I lost my mom nearly ten years ago. Okay lost is not the best word, it sounds like I misplaced her. Anyway, she died. I was seventeen and occasionally I drift back there and feel all of seventeen all over again. Let's be honest, who really wants that? I do not....more

The one where everyone empties out the super market.....

Diannebug  Dear Lawd in Heaven Above! Why or why do people insist on making a crazy run on the grocery store for the threat of two measly inches of snow? Two inches that we will most likely not even see.It's insane. I don't know what sort of meal you people are eating on just milk and bread, b/c that seems to be the main focus of your grocery shop. But I was sort of needing my lactaid, lactose free 2% milk to eat with my cheerios in the morning and now I am good and deprived. THANKS A LOT!...more