A Food Blog About “Everything” Can be a Trap

A guest post by Melissa Hartfiel For the last three years it has been my job to review every blog that applies to join Food Bloggers of Canada. I make sure they meet our membership criteria, such as being Canadian and being 50% food related. I also...more

Frustrated by Smaller Can Sizes for Recipes? I Am.

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Thank You

Today I’m saying thanks for being a reader. It’s...more

Where to Write for Clips, Not Money

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Confusion Among Bloggers on Disclosing Compensation

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Working for Free Has Value at Each Stage of a Career

A guest post by Julie Van Rosendaal I’m not being paid to write this. It’s a guest post, a format whose popularity has slipped in recent years as the concept of writing for exposure began to lose its luster. It seemed more popular back when no one was making any money at this blogging thing. [...] [[ This is a content summary only ....more

Questions from a Recipe Copy Editor

If a copy editor has ever touched your...more