One Man Short

I’m still here.  I’ve been trying to follow that sage advice, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.”...more

Aaahhh Vacation!

I got slightly panicky a few weeks ago when I pulled the kids' calendars from their school folders and remembered that they were off an entire week for Mardi Gras.  I love my darlings.  I really do.  But I wasn't exactly looking forward to a week off with them at home. I started googling where we could travel by car because airfare is so expensive for an entire family.  Unfortunately, I'm not a great vehicle traveller.  By about hour six, I really start considering just jumping from the vehicle.  I'm basically an infant. ...more

In Good Company

 This parenting stuff.Easy peasy right? NO. I’m so thankful for you crazy muthas.  Yesterday I blogged about how I thought I had some sort of mental disturbance because I’ve been secretly freaked out about my kids dying.I really didn’t even let on to the true nature of my frightfulness because I didn’t want anyone to call the muscled guys at the mental institution and tell them to trick me into the van....more

Queen of Spin

 They’re gone!  The house is quiet. I can actually hear birds singing outside.  And I’m trying to decide whether I should have a twix day, or clean up this sad looking house. ...more

Not So Well

I’ve asked little darling how he feels no less than 400 times since Monday.  And his response, each time, until today, has been, “Not so well.” “Not so well,” in his smallish, cute, baby voice that I love so much....more

The Beautiful Ugly Flower

 Alternate title:  gray skies are assholes.  ...more

I Really Am a Drunken Snail

 Uncle.  UNCLE!UNNNNNNCLE!!!!  Isn’t that the stupid word you scream to call off your torturers?  Good Lord.I could not possibly be more sick of myself.  I mean, for exactly how long can one be a ridiculous, lazy, whining asshole?  Who is this person? And who shall I alert regarding this apparent body snatching? ...more

The Sisterhood of the Sacred Women Tribe

Welp.  The sun came out Saturday for a while.  We were able to wear shorts and flip flops.  The Kentucky muthas were here, and we conducted sacred patio meetings while the sun’s healing energies swirled around us.  Good times, folks.If your ears were burning, it’s because we were talking about you.  If it’s a problem that affects the Sisterhood of the Sacred Women tribe, then you better believe it is important to us and we are hell bent on fixing it....more

Things Wrong With Christmas

All that ‘holiday cheer’ you all claim to have…where does that come from?  Will I go to hell for hating baby Jesus’ party planning?  Gawd, I hope not.  I don’t hate Jesus or his birthday.  It’s his party I hate.  And sometimes I think I’m going to beat you all to Heaven for hating it.  Because I think he hates it too. ...more

Cest la vie