~ Because I'd like to lose weight AND have a Merry Christmas ~

PEANUT BUTTER BLOSSOMS ... favorite Christmas cookies ever!!  And I plan on making them for Christmas Eve... BUFFALO CHICKEN DIP ... favorite appetizer ever, I make an amazing one and I've been asked to also make this for Christmas Eve!MMMMMM soooo good, but what's a dieter to do?!So here's my plan:...more

~ because this blogger is ENGAGED ~

I. Am. Engaged.  ENGAGED!  After ten years (yes, I said ten years) he finally put a ring on it and I could not be any happier....more

Just scrolling through, and, well, how can I not say "CONGRATS!" on both becoming engaged as ...more

~ because my best friend swears cardio won't help anyone lose weight ~

My best friend is also trying to lose weight ... like the rest of the world.  When we have weight loss successes, even when it's a pound, we text each other for support.  We also text each other when we seem to be leveling off.  Recently when I was experiencing one of these plateau sort of weeks, my friend asked, "Maybe the cardio isn't working? I mean, I know it's good for your heart, but you should be doing something more to lose weight"  My immediate reaction was to google the hell out of this ......more

any exercise is good exercise!!more

~ Because the world really needs one more diet blogger ... ~

 Let's be honest, the world has enough diet bloggers.  But if we're continuing to be honest, I've been talking about losing weight since high school and it just isn't happening.  My plan?  Become accountable to someone/something ... start a blog.  I attempted using my boyfriend for accountability, but when I told him this morning that I'd lost ten pounds, his response?  "Wow! Ten pounds is a lot ... I should know, I bought ten pounds of chicken at Costco last night!" ... yeah, not really the celebratory convo I was going for....more