My Favorite Things About Fall / Autumn

I will admit, I am having a rough time again. Part hormones, part being on bandages and braces duty again. I'm thinking the weather is playing a role in all this as well, it's mostly been gloomy and dark day after day after day around here. Except today, which seems to be mostly sunny and I'm not in the mood for mostly sunny. Anyway, I'm angry, irritable, sad, hungry (OMG someone put a freaking lock on the kitchen already, I've gained five pounds in the last month), and frustrated. So, basically, life as usual....more

2 Year Portraits, Sort of

Part of me wishes I would have taken her pictures at the end of August. I had considered it, briefly. But I thought, nah I have time. I even thought, well, no problem, she's letting it all heal, at the beginning of October. I figured by the end of October I'd be able to take her 2 year .pictures. Scars didn't matter to me, at all. What does matter to me? Big, bloody wounds and sores. ...more

Sticks, Stones AND Names Hurt And So Does Bad Teacher Behavior

Yesterday I wrote the first story for the stories page at LGAF [The Lexi Grace Acceptance Foundation]. I avoid talking too much about or getting too in depth with my information from my school years. For one thing it's very painful. I spend days crying, my panic attacks come back full force and I have nightmares like you wouldn't believe....more

Bad Teachers Need To Go

I'm so tired of hearing how great teachers are. The president finally stands up and says, yeah we have bad teachers and they need to be dealt with and we need to make it easier for districts to do that. Then everyone starts saying, oh woe is the teacher lots of work and no pay for teaching unruly and stupid children. Would people really rather believe children are universally unruly and stupid [or constantly distracted] rather than believe we have some terrible teachers? Or maybe they each think their child is a genius angel while other people's children are the bad ones....more

None of us said your claims were improbable. None of us disagreed that bad teachers are a ...more