Female Characters in Decision-Making Roles– How Do Web Series Fare?

A few years ago if you surfed the television, you’d be swimming in a world of empowered female characters, women who were leaders in their fields– The Closer, Damages, Saving Grace, Brothers and Sisters, The West Wing, Medium, Xena — even Sex and the City had at least two women who were leaders in their fields (three if you count Carrie who was financially a mess but did have her own column and her face on a bus) ....more

VIDEO PICK: Smart Girls At the Party

Picture via SmartGirlsAtTheParty.com ...more

VIDEO PICK: Burning Love

Digital Chick TV’s first pick in awhile comes from Children’s Hospital writer Erica Oyama and has Jennifer Aniston in a panda suit. ...more

Web vs. Television – What’s the Difference Anymore?

If you have been paying attention to your media updates, you may have noticed that there have been a lot of moves and grooves in online video over the past few months, as big media tries to figure out how to stop their frustratingly popular younger half-sibling “the web” from “disrupting” their business and instead start “co-existing” with them ....more

BOOK REVIEW: The Rules of Inheritance

This book is about grief, and you won’t want to put it down. It took me one sitting to read The Rules of Inheritance by Claire Bidwell Smith… a few hours laying on my living room floor, avidly turning the pages, seeing a movie playing in my head (which is how the filmmaker in me reads books.) ...more