Juice & Raw Vegetable Workshop Guest: John Foster & George Vermillion

Dear Juicers and Juicer-Wannabees: ...more

Alexandria Virginia -Digital Workshops for the Business Adult Free Programs - Deenice, the Digital Dynamo

May Startup - Digital Education Free Programs - Deenice, the Digital Dynamo TO BLOG OR NOT TO BLOG ** WORKSHOP4LINKEDIN **  WORKSHOP4SEO.COM  ...more

DeeNice, the "Hostel" Virgin: An Urban City-Girls’ Humorous Experience living in a Hostel

DeeNice the Hostel Virgin. Now I'd like to think that I am an adventurous person (sometimes). BUT you never really know how “city-fied” you are until you go abroad for the first time. Some well meaning veteran travelers recommended I venture into the world of Hostels, so I did. I had just finished going to Spain and lived in a village called ValdelaVilla for an English Immersion program. Which was cool. ...more

Cooking Scallops, Ain't So Hard? Or is it?

Cooking Scallops with DeeNice A wonderful friend gave me fresh, huge, scallops a couple of days ago. I thought, Wow! this is great. But how do you cook these buggers?...more

Transition to Digital Television Analog to Digital Impacts Seniors, Minorities, Disable and Rural Americans

Currently, there are over 7 million Americans who are not ready for the Transition to Digital Television on February 17th, 2009 (Nielsen, December 2008). What does this mean? When Congress mandated that the 35 million Americans who have either rabbit ear antenna or roof top antenna will have to make a monumental change in their viewing experience - a defining moment in our communication "reception" become apparent. ...more