The One with the Mango Kulfi

 The one with the mulfi  As monsoon lashes against the Kerala coast, and rains creep up the sub-continent following their usual trail, I decide that I too in my fashion must address the Indian obsession with the mango. Clichéd it is, of course; bordering on oral fixation, true; but, well, cultures perhaps owe it to themselves somewhat to live up to their stereotypes, especially if said stereotypes were first generated-for and subsequently were seen-through-and-analyzed-as-thus-by goras.Ergo, the mango.Or rather, if we were to go with the flow, the magical mangoes from Dharamtallah, which played a critical role in pushing me from one side of the blogosphere (foodporn-viewing) to the other (foodporn-contributing or whatever). But long before these magical mangoes, came the train journeys to Howrah, at the end of the summer holidays. So that is where the story really begins....more

The Dying Art of Prem?

Let the French celebrate their ménage de troi, the Americans, their prom, we Bengalis have always championed our own original contribution to the global vocabulary of love and sex, thank you very much. It is the much serenaded: prem. Amply inspired by the rain and slush filled afternoons of our parts, the particular colours of our smoke-stained greenery, the sounds of our rumbling buses, and the competitive pricing of our cinema-halls-to-make-out-in, prem flourished robustly in Calcutta for decades....more

In Defence of Insane Projects: Some reflections on Julie and Julia

 When one Julie Powell, resident of a tiny loft apartment above a pizzeria in New York, decided to cook her way through Julia Child’s mammoth classic – Mastering the Art of French Cooking – 524 recipes in 365 days and write a blog about it, she probably didn’t know the earth-shattering impact of her push button actions on the blogosphere. For some like us....more

The Heat and Dust Project

That there is a whiff of the languid about the title is the only saving grace. Because touring India in its glorious original season – the summer – is a certifiably insane project. Here's the deal: India in a 100 days. A life-altering journey*. On a tight budget. Make that, a v.v. tight budget. 500 rupees a day as a matter of fact. For 2....more

Shoania, Bollywood aur Woh: some (weighty) reflections

Shoania, Bollywood aur Woh:  some (weighty) reflections  ...more

Karma in the bookstore