Transformation - Day 01 to Day 06


Transformation - Weight Log

As mentioned in Tranformation - Background (Day 0) here is my historical weight log and I will also update this during weekly weigh ins during this transformation journey.History:...more

Transformation - Background (Day 0)

About me:I am a 5'7" 34 yr old mother of 2 who has tried quite possibly every diet out there.  And as of today (1/20/12) I am officially at the highest weight (198.6 lbs)I have ever seen, including when i gained 60+ lbs with my first daughter.But I can still remember what it was like to be fit and how awesome it was to go shopping and know everything looked great!...more

Kids AM TO Do list

Since one can never have too much fine motor skill work I transformed the girls morning to do list to ribbons and clothes pins. And because the papers for them to put check marks or stickers on was getting kinda boring for us :)The morning (AM) to do list has been so valuable at our house, it really helps the girls get moving and feel like they are in control....more

Halloween molding our future!

Thanks to the Bratz line up of 'Children's Costumes' (they included Children in the name not me) Halloween is now your chance to exploit your child, prepare your young girl for a lifetime of lap dances, or just be That Mom!I hate to pass judgement on people I really really really can not understand what would go through a parent's head to put their young child in one of these Halloween costumes....more

Sharing the find

So like so many things I am probably way behind the ball here but I have a blog that I have been following for a couple of months that is just hysterical so thought I would share with others.It is Cake Wrecks and they post pictures of cakes gone wrong and they are awesome.  They also do some cake envy and show some confections that are truly breathtaking but the fun is in the complete 'fail's (cant believe I just used that word but it seemed to fit, ugh).

Habit Forming day 1

Thursday, September 1, 2011What magical creature would you love to meet? I have joined NaBloPoMo, not sure if i should call it a group, a site, what but there is a challenge to post/blog everyday the month of September to build writing skills and for me (since I am new to this) hoping it will help me build a habit and figure out how to build in the time each day to blog.There are prompts provided and the one for today is listed above... so here we go! ...more
@victorias_view Hope you are doing well with the daily writing. I went on vacation and had a ...more

From the mouth of Banana - 1

Just some awesome nuggets of information from my Hannah Banana this week.(I have a few of her older words of wisdom in a notebook that I will try to transfer this week, sure wish I would have been documenting them all the whole time, they have kept my co-workers entertained for years!)Sunday:Girls are playing Barbie dolls with a friend, lately they have been having their Barbie dolls kiss, slow dance, hold hands, etc.Mom: 'You know if you make your Barbie dolls kiss boys at night while you are sleeping they will come to life and eat your face.'...more

Dip what in sunshine

Just realized that for those of you I haven't known for 12 years you may not know why I am listed as Diptinsunshine (instead of my former screen name LivnOutLoud or just my normal first name) for everything.So I will give you a quick overview of why 'I am Dipt In Sunshine'!!!And it is for more than my love of the sun and tan skin... because lets face it tanned fat looks better than pale fat :)...more

Good Customer/ Bad Customer

All this time I have thought my husband was just a nice / non-confrontational person and he was just playing Good Customer/Bad Customer with me.So we are getting settled into the new house and this house has a bit of extra space that needs unique items to fill. (Case; breakfast nook that needs a small kitchen table/dinette, another debate we are having is it a kitchen table or a dinette?)...more