Five Lessons for My Daughter...

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Why choose the boob?

Hot and Cool Chicken and Ranch Enchiladas!

   Need to spice up your dinner tonight? Well spice it up, and keep cool with this recipe! It was love at first bite for me, and it will be for you too! You can use mild or spicy salsa. So goes as hot as you want! The ranch with these gives it a wonderful flavor that will cool you down after the spice. So try it out and tell me whether this recipe is hot or not! :)Follow the link for the full recipe with pictures!...more

DIY: Hot and Steamy Carpet Cleaning!

 Since the theme for Nablopomo is "Hot", I decided to post this steamy DIY addition. ...more

Don't Pass on Cash!

      We live in a plastic world. Credit cards and debit cards are in good supply, and man o' man are they convenient! No having to dig through your wallet for cash or change. Just swipe it, and go! Also, who wants to worry about carrying cash around? You might lose the money. Well, I can tell you this, you are already losing money, and that little piece of plastic might just be the culprit.  ...more

DIY Coffee Filter Wreath!

Directionless Mom  Need a wreath that's beautiful? How about simple to make? OK, does it help if it's cheap to make as well? Well then, I have the craft for you! This post is a complete tutorial on how to make your very own coffee filter wreath! I spent around $10 to make it and it's gorgeous!Take a look for yourself!...more

Sweet Potato Pancakes and How to Freeze Them!

Directionless Mom  New recipe that is healthy, delicious, quick, and you can stockpile in the freezer! Sweet Potato Pancakes have been an absolute life saver for me and my son! He is an extremely picky eater due to his sensory disorder, but he can't get enough of these things! I make a big batch and freeze them, so we have them on hand at anytime, and all I have to do is pop them in the microwave! Sound interesting? Follow the link below and I'll tell you all the steps! It's easy and fun! ...more
@Karen Ballum Delicious! To me, it's just a hint of the sweet potato, not overwhelming. My son ...more

Recipe For Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken

Directionless Mom  Here is an awesome and EASY crockpot recipe for Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches! It cost me about $10 to make and had enough left over for another night's dinner!

I Like Being Domestic and That Is Not a Crime!

I am posting on this topic, because it has been a subject weighing on my mind. When I started this blog I was actually worried about what a couple people would say about the subject matter. They haven't, but none the less I was worried that I would be perceived as "just a housewife".   Why? Well, because of the weird form of feminism that is all too present in our society. We have become so obsessed with making sure women are seen as more than the 50's housewife that we now have put a stigma on homemaking. I agree that feminism is important....more
You are so right.  I chose to be a stay at home mother, substitute teacher and volunteer (with a ...more

First BlogHer post!

     Directionless Mom Hello all!  This is my first post on Blogher! Very excited to connect with everyone. I thought I would link you to my blog first (see link above).  I haven't been blogging for a long time, but I am very passionate about it already, and hope you will do me the pleasure of clicking and taking a look! ...more
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