Schrodinger's Pregnancy

In the last seven months, I've discovered something that millions of other women already know about. The two week wait between ovulation and your period's due date absolutely suck when you're trying to get pregnant. ...more

10 Free Springtime Fonts!

Show of hands, who's a font addict? I have more fonts than I will probably ever use, but that really doesn't matter, does it? You just never know when you might need a particular font, and therefore we addicts are justified in having several hundred (or thousand; I don't judge) fonts stored on our computers. ...more

Up All Night to Pet Puppies: The Hunt for our Perfect Dog

I'm a dog person. Like... really a dog person. If, in the middle of a conversation with you, I see a dog, I will immediately squeal "puppyyyyyy" and wring my hands because I feel weird going over and petting strange dogs without permission. I spend a lot of time on Pinterest looking at pictures of dogs....more

Yet Another Hello World Post

(This post can also be read at Briarwylde. Thanks!)The first post in a new blog is always the hardest and the weirdest. I've been blogging since 2007, and I'm still not exactly sure what to write in a first post.So... hello?...more