November Makeup and Beauty Empties

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Project Polish Update #2

My goal is to finish an entire sample wheel of polishes. I'm actually really surprised at how fast the project is moving along. ...more

Holiday Stress Relief 101

Festive lights? Check. Carolers? ...more

Give Thanks for the Slow Cooker

(Family Features) Want to spend more time with loved ones this Thanksgiving? Ditch the perfectly timed oven schedule and put your slow cooker to work. It’ll deliver the familiar flavors of your favorite holiday stuffing, sauces and desserts in a new, more convenient way ....more

How to Know When Your Home Lighting Needs Updating

GUEST POST While old, flickering, decaying lighting is a staple of haunted house design, it’s not what you want in your beautiful, contemporary home. Whether you’re preparing for your year-end decluttering or you’re just in the mood for an update, be sure to take a look at your lighting. While some light fixtures will last for decades, others may only last five years – but that’s certainly not taking style into account ....more

Pineapple Glazed Ham

Merry Made Easy Simple tips for holiday entertaining (Family Features) The holidays are the time of year when families and friends come together, and when special moments and memories are plentiful. This year, instead of just letting the holidays happen, make them happen by embracing the season. No matter how or where you celebrate, sometimes you need a little inspiration to pull it all together, especially when entertaining ....more

Eyeshadow Palette Recommendations

Are you looking for the perfect eyeshadow palette? Look no further! Here are all of my recommendations for the best eyehadow palette for any occasion and price range ....more

BOOK REVIEW: The Alchemist by Paulo Cohelo

This book has been on my reading list for a very long time. It was just so hyped up in my mind that I was afraid to read it especially after a recent experience with another book that was highly anticipated and left me disappointed, The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters. My Audible credit came available and I just happened across the audiobook for The Alchemist read by Jeremy Irons ....more

Eyeshadow Declutter

The most stressful and nerve wracking makeup declutter is finally here. Eyeshadow is my favorite makeup product so it is so difficult for me to part with anything. But what good is an eyeshadow palette doing just living in a drawer? ...more

Eyeshadow Declutter Part 1 – Drugstore

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