Snowshoeing, trail running, hot springs and not a single complaint about the cold weather

I’ve had an uncharacteristic bout of cold-weather courage these past few days, braving below-freezing temperatures with glee — thanks to the company of some of my fearless friends. ...... we hiked about a mile and a half to find the soaking tubs. In 15 degrees, we (mostly) derobed and enjoyed the contrast of the boiling bath outside in the snow-covered scenery ......more

Spin my feet right round, Portland

It’s strange moving from D.C. spin classes to the sort you find in Portland, Ore.In the District, indoor cycling classes sell out, waitlists fill up, instructors are local celebrities, and active types happily pass up outdoor workouts, happy hour or even — gasp – brunch to sit in a dark box, listen to a playlist that could be found on a teenage girl’s iPod and get sweaty....more

An emotional run

As most of you D.C. denizens already know, an iconic, old-school hardware store in Capitol Hill burnt to a crisp last night. The neighborhood is heartbroken.The smell of smoke hung heavy in the air last night, but I hadn’t yet seen the damage firsthand until I went out for a post-work run today. I planned my route to finish near Frager’s Hardware, about a half-mile from my house.In person, it looked just as it had in pictures. Still, stunned grief pierced me instantly. The brick facade of the building remains, but behind it is just a pile of debris....more

Major disappointment at LA Boxing

Remember all that optimism I had in my last post about the last-minute discovery of a new kickboxing class at LA Boxing in Bethesda? Well, it was premature....more

I still didn't beat Paul Ryan

Good news, guys: I’m faster than Congress.No surprise there, right? But it was a riot to participate in the ACLI Capital Challenge — the annual 3-mile showdown between the three branches of government and the Fourth Estate (That’s me! Go journalists!)....more

How to ruin the end of a race

No matter how many races I watch, there’s something so inspiring about seeing that final tenth of a mile. At least one runner makes me cry, always. This year, it was a mom running — struggling — until her two kids and husband raced up on the sidewalk parallel to the course and finished out the final steps with her. It was Mothers Day.There was one thing that drove me crazy, though. Race directors take note.Keep reading at DistrictSweats....more

A fitness sanctuary ... literally

A beautiful old cathedral turned personal training haven? Sign me up!Keep reading at DistrictSweats. ...more

Bikram failure, hipster yoga and a sea of down dogs

It was about time I spread my yoga wings again....more