Goddess Lessons for Today's Diva - Mothers, Daughters & Pandora

“Mommy Dearest” flashed across the screen of my son’s cell phone as my call cut into the conference webinar presentation he was giving to a group of business partners for his new start-up. “Mom, it was funny. I was giving a presentation, and when you called the name ‘Mommy Dearest’ came up on the screen. That’s the nickname I gave you in my contacts.” He said with a smile in his voice. I sat stunned, silently screaming in terror. Is this how my son views me, as a wildly insane Joan Crawford mother figure?...more

It's your life. It's your illusion. It's easy to make it a good one!

We all understand the fact that we create our own realities. But, it is often harder to comprehend the extent to which the lives we create are our own illusions. Many people wonder why, if they are in charge of their own realities, their lives are not much better, why bad things happen to them or why they can't fulfill their dreams. I believe it's because they don't really believe in their own power to create those good things. They don't understand that they are creating things all the time with their thoughts....more

Everybody's talking and nobody's listening. Take the Good Listener Quiz.

Mark Twain once said, “If we were meant to talk more than we listen, we would have two mouths and one ear.” We all know the importance of being a good listener. Who doesn’t appreciate when others listen attentively to us? You might be surprised to find out, most people are not that good at listening. I’ve recently heard a few programs that outline what makes a good listener and I was astonished to find that I can sometimes be a poor listener! Even worse than that… my listening habits are VERY hard to change! Yikes! This stuff takes A LOT of practice!...more

Let your life go to the dogs - Here are the top 10 life lessons to learn from your dog

Dogs are wonderful, so full of love and joy! They seem to hold a real secret about how to enjoy life to its fullest. Did you ever watch your dog when it greets you after you arrive home from work? Their whole bodies are just quivering with joy and love. Their whole essence is in that moment, appreciating your special bond. They are there wholly for you! Dogs are so wonderful.Here are the top 10 Life Lessons I’ve learned from my dog:10) Whenever you feel a little sleepy, just curl up and take a nap....more

Lashing out at another person is like a fart. Sometimes you try to hold it back, but it comes flying out anyway!

It seems to me that all of this positive thinking and emulating our higher selves at all times is all well and good, but sometimes you just gotta scream. Occasionally it happens, someone gets in your face, the pressure is too much, and we just gotta let it out. Some people just seem to know how to push our buttons. Push. Poke. Prod. Push again. And that’s it for me! Push me once, shame on you. Push me twice… and I will blow up!...more

That is the key! A cool head is not always easy, even for the most accomplished Divas and ...more

How to fight a bad case of the Mondays

Returning to work on a Monday’s hard enough, but the Monday after vacation really sucks! For one entire week we’ve been doing things we love and living totally carefree. We’ve been hanging out with people we enjoy, eating great meals, and looking at spectacular scenery. Then, BAM! Vacation is over and we have to haul our butts to work, sit at a desk all day, respond to a gazillion emails and work on projects that we don’t care that much about. It’s really no wonder that we would have a VERY bad case of the Mondays....more

Monique Lawless - the Walmart hero - The Universe has such a sense of humor!

I absolutely love to laugh. It is one of my favorite past-times. I find humor in many things – maybe even things that I shouldn’t, because sometimes they are just too inappropriate. However, I have to confess that some of my guilty pleasures include watching inappropriate You Tube videos, and the TV show Funniest Home Videos and stand-up comedians. I have a HUGE appreciation and admiration for those with quick wit and the ability to see and expose the crazy irony in everyday situations....more

Stress is harmful to your health. Diva, heal thyself!

I’m reading a book called “The Love Response” by Dr. Eva Selhub. The book is very revealing about the health effects of stress on our bodies. She outlines how most people are living in what she calls, “The Fear Response” mode. This is when you put your body into heightened awareness, which causes cortisol and adrenalin to be delivered to all of your cells and organs....more

Are you giving love to your sister Divas? Take the "Don't Be Hate'n" Challenge!

Ok, we’ve all done it. You sit down in the cafeteria to enjoy your tuna sandwich and then a beautiful, thin, young woman goes prancing by and you think, “Thanks for ruining my lunch, b*@tch.” Maybe not in such strong language, but you know what I mean. Admit it! You’ve done it. Why are women in constant competition with each other?...more

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Are you happy in your current situation? Your "Limiting Beliefs" might be holding you back. What are they?

Limiting Beliefs are those little stories that we’ve told ourselves for so long, that we begin to believe them. Over time they become part of who we are and we hang on to those beliefs as if they were God’s own truth. But, these beliefs can really limit our growth, our relationships and our joy.Limiting beliefs sound like this:...more