Stuffed Cat Knitting Pattern

By Chelsey This stuffed cat can be customized in whatever color you want. It’s cute as a decoration or as a stuffed toy. A few months ago, I posted about the beautiful checkerboard baby blanket that I made for my brother- and.. ....more

Free Hemingway Printable

By Chelsey This free Hemingway printable comes in two versions–one is just black and white and the other has letters that have been covered in....more

Simple Lemon-Limeade

By Chelsey Lemon-limeade is an easy, refreshing twist on lemonade. Perfect for a summer spent outdoors....more

My Favorite Things #70 — 4/8

By Chelsey This week went by really quickly. And now it’s finally TableTop Day! I know I’ve been going on about it all week, but it’s an exciting day ....more

10 Reasons to Keep Blogging

By Chelsey As with all jobs, there are days when you wonder why you keep doing it. Instead of moping, I’ve listed my reasons to keep blogging. Lately I’ve been feeling less and less enthralled with blogging ....more

Salted Chocolate Almond Cookies

By Chelsey Salted Chocolate Almond Cookies...more

TableTop Day Embroidered Meeple Shirt

By Chelsey Celebrate TableTop Day with this colorful,...more

My Favorite Things Saturdays #69 – 4/4

By Chelsey Spring appears to have arrived for good in Georgia! FINALLY! I’ve had the windows open all week and it’s been marvelous! ...more

TableTop Day Meeple Cookies

By Chelsey International TableTop Day is coming up! We made these soft Meeple-shaped sugar cookies to celebrate. They were a huge hit! ...more

How to Create a Child Theme

By Chelsey When it comes to making changes to your blog’s design, most of us turn to editing the CSS. The problem is that editing the theme right from the stylesheet can be dangerous. You can lose your changes when the theme.. ....more