Apple Beermosas Beer Cocktails

By Chelsey Apple Beermosas are beer cocktails with a fall twist. Use your favorite non-hoppy fall beer to customize to your tastes. This is a great cocktail for football season! ...more

Homemade Apple Pie with Streusel

By Chelsey This homemade...more

How to Make Coffee Without a Coffee Pot

By Chelsey Sometimes you need coffee, but you don’t have a coffee pot. In a pinch, here’s an easy way to make coffee without a coffee pot. A couple years ago, Zach and I received a Keurig coffee maker for Christmas ....more

The Perfect Pie Crust

By Chelsey A soft and tender pie crust, made in a food processor. The perfect pie crust for any filling. We all have different opinions of what the perfect pie crust is ....more

Peaches and Cream Pie

By Chelsey Peaches and Cream Pie is like a pie, but it has no crust. It uses Bisquick, which bubbles up around the filling. It’s easy, quick, and will definitely become a family favorite ....more

Vegetable Tian

By Chelsey Crispy herbed vegetables covered in pepper jack cheese, perfect as a summer side. This vegetable tian uses zucchini squash, potato, and tomato. You can add onion and eggplant, as well ....more

Butter Pecan Bourbon Cake with a Kentucky Bourbon Glaze

By Chelsey Butter Pecan Bourbon Cake uses a box cake, with a few improvements, and a little Kentucky bourbon. Top it with a bourbon glaze and it is the softest, moistest cake you will ever have. Sometimes you just want cake, but.. ....more

30+ Incredibly Helpful Blog Posts About Blogging

By Chelsey A lot of what I know about blogging, I learned on my own through trial and error. The rest? Other bloggers ....more

Chunky Vegetable Soup

By Chelsey This chunky vegetable soup is delicious and versatile. You can use any combination of vegetables you prefer. It’s wonderful in the summer and fall because it’s both light and comforting ....more

Our posting schedule is changing!

By Chelsey For the last two years, I’ve been posting on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Starting this week, posts will be going up on Mondays and Thursdays instead. There are multiple reasons! ...more