Chunky Vegetable Soup

By Chelsey This chunky vegetable soup is delicious and versatile. You can use any combination of vegetables you prefer. It’s wonderful in the summer and fall because it’s both light and comforting ....more

Our posting schedule is changing!

By Chelsey For the last two years, I’ve been posting on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Starting this week, posts will be going up on Mondays and Thursdays instead. There are multiple reasons! ...more

Hue Shift Afghan

By Chelsey This jewel-toned hue shift afghan knitting pattern is fun and easy to knit. The resulting blanket is also incredibly soft. Perfect for cooler months! ...more

How to Create an Impressive Email Signature

By Chelsey A professional and briefly informative email signature is very important for anyone who sends a lot of business emails. Including bloggers. You want your recipients to know who you are (name, position, and company), as well as all the methods.. ....more

15 Essential Herbs and Spices

By Chelsey Herbs and spices can get EXPENSIVE. Instead of wasting money stocking your cabinet with spices you don’t need, check out this list of essential herbs and spices to keep around....more

How to Build Floating Shelves for Under $20

By Chelsey Shelves are expensive! Here’s a tutorial on how to build floating shelves for under $20 in only three steps! It’s been a while since I actually finished a project, hasn’t it? ...more

Adding Your Social Media Profiles to Google+

By Chelsey Google+ can be more useful than it seems, as long as you can figure out how to use it to your advantage! Start by adding your social media profiles to it and turn Google+ into your blog’s CV. A while.. ....more

Almond Sugar Cookies

By Chelsey Almond sugar cookies are incredibly soft, melt in your mouth, and are...more

Pita Pocket Pizza

By Chelsey Pita pizza is a healthier Greek-inspired pizza made using pita pockets, fresh vegetables, and meats. A friend of mine made these awesome little pizzas a couple weeks ago. I finally got him to text the recipe to me and immediately.. ....more

Knitting Conversion Chart {FREE Printable}

By Chelsey Quick, cute, & easy guide for distinguishing between US and metrics. This knitting conversion chart ncludes a list of commonly seen abbreviations in knitting patterns. Print and keep with patterns or by your desk as a quick reference while writing.. ....more