Appalachian Pepperoni Rolls

By Chelsey Balls of soft, doughy, pepperoni &...more

Design Your Own Business Cards in PicMonkey

By Chelsey Business cards can be expensive and if you’re new to blogging or aren’t making any money from it yet, you probably don’t want to spend a lot of money. You can save a lot by designing your own business cards... This is a post from Budget Girl ....more

How to Connect Instagram to Your Facebook Page

By Chelsey Want to share your Instagram photos with your blog’s Facebook followers? Connect Instagram to your Facebook page with these simple steps!...more

Blog Tracker { FREE Printable }

By Chelsey This free printable blog tracker comes in 6 different colors and background designs. Includes social media tracking, post view tracking, top posts, and top referrers. A couple years back I made a printable blog planner ....more

15 Refreshing Summer Cocktails

By Chelsey Who doesn’t love a refreshing cocktail in the summer heat? Try out some of these 15 refreshing summer cocktails! My absolute favorite part of summer is sitting outside with…basically any alcoholic beverage ....more

How to Easily Redirect Permalinks on Your Wordpress Blog

Evergreen posts continue to bring in traffic, week after week. The best way to make your posts evergreen is to redirect permalinks. Here is an EASY guide on how and why to do that. ...more
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Orange Creamsicle Cookies

By Chelsey Orange Creamsicle Cookies are soft cookies made with cream cheese, with a zesty orange flavor. Zach loves orange Dreamcicles. Maybe a little too much ....more

Sweet Orange Sangria

By Chelsey Sweet Orange Sangria is made with moscato, orange tea, and orange slices. This orange sangria is light, citrus-y, and perfect for summer evenings....more

Slow Cooker Sriracha Meatballs

By Chelsey Three ingredients, one amazing recipe! Sriracha meatballs are a quick and easy crock pot recipe. These are easy to make and a HUGE hit at parties ....more

Strawberry Smoothies

By Chelsey Want something quick, easy, and basic for breakfast? These strawberry smoothies made with milk and yogurt are a great way to kick your morning into gear! I’ve been on a HUGE smoothie kick lately ....more