Stealing Floor Space To Build A Closet

Isn't it wonderful when you get a multi project space finished after it taking many, many, months of work? ...more

I love that

I love that I get to show you something pretty for the upstairs bedroom at the Mountain Cottage. Y'all know I love Craigslist and scour the furniture and antiques section several times a week. One of the furniture pieces I've been looking for is a low, wide dresser with rectangular lines in the drawers....more

Our Mountain Cottage Retreat, One Year Update

It's hard to believe that we've had a whole year of enjoying the beautiful view on the porch at our mountain cottage. Time has flown by so quickly. We've learned a few lessons in the past year about having a house in the mountains and all the trials and tribulations (and blessings) of ...more

How To Make An Curved Apron For A Countertop

This post is for the those who would love to know how we made the curved apron for the wood countertop for the Worlds Smallest Half Bath. C,mon, aren't you a little curious? I can't wait to show you because Mr ....more

Creating More Storage

I keep saying over and over that every project at our mountain cottage is designed with storage in mind....more

DIY Pottery Barn Knockoff Storage Bed... All Dressed

Thanks for coming back today to see the bed at the mountain cottage all dressed up....more

Pottery Barn Knockoff Storage Bed Finished with the Finish Max Sprayer

I'm so excited to FINALLY show you the bed we made for the upstairs bedroom at the mountain cottage. I've said before that one of our main goals at our small mountain house is to increase storage in every room. Storage is paramount when choosing furniture, as well ....more

Building A Woodshed

While I was in Southern California last week helping my dad, Mr. DIY went to the Mountain Cottage and built a big woodshed on the weekend for all the wood we have. It took a lot of wood to build the woodshed and he had to make a couple of trips to get it all up there ....more

How To Make A Basket Liner

In between doing projects for the Mountain Cottage, I've also been trying to keep up with projects that need to be done at home. Painting the Laundry Room has been on our project list for a long time. ...more

How To Make A Custom Wood Countertop For A Bathroom

A few days ago, the Worlds Smallest Half Bath was finally revealed....more