Basement Family Room

The basement painting is finished! Well, everything but the outside door is anyway. We felt the need to lighten things up, as basements, even walkout basements like ours, need all the light they can.. ....more

Lighten It Up With Paint

Mr. DIY is still working hard on the project list and trying to get things done and...more

From Blah to Beautiful: Master Bedroom Re-Reveal

Our Master Bedroom is finished... It's amazing how a few colorful accessories will make the room when you're decorating a space. It's also surprising to me that I did all of this in a.. ....more

New Paint For Our Master Bedroom

Mr. DIY finished painting our Master Bedroom a while back and I finally took some photos of the room....more

Buying and Selling On Craigslist

Do you buy or sell things on Craigslist? I've been loving Craigslist lately because we've been selling some furniture recently ...more on that later. I've got a challenge for you ....more

Repainting The Master Bedroom

Now that the new mulch is spread in the garden, it was time to start one of the many projects inside the house.Today we started on the Master Bedroom repainting. At least, Mr DIY did....more

Spring Garden Tour 2015

The mulch in the garden is all spread. ...more

Another Painted Vintage Style Stool

Mr. DIY made me a little primitive style stool awhile back. I liked it so much he made me 2 more ....more

A New Chair For The Master Bedroom

You know when you're in the middle of several projects and you just can't seem to finish one of them?...more

New Life For A Dated Clock

I was just about to add this dated clock to our garage sale . We are trying to lighten things up around here and this clock just had too much gold on it and that funny little thingamajig on... Hope you'll stop by for all the latest posts! ...more