Office Reveal

Well, I didn't make any money on our office / craft room makeover like I did with our Guest Room Makeover, but we didn't spend too much money making updating it. If you missed that makeover, you can... Hope you'll stop by for all the latest posts! ...more

Guest Bedroom Reveal

I've been working on the transforming our Guest Bedroom for MONTHS!It seems like forever. Our guest bedroom worked for us, but I wanted to lighten and freshen up the decor just a bit since we're... Hope you'll stop by for all the latest posts! ...more

Repurposing Old Art

Most of you know that we're working (slowly) on getting the house ready to put on the market. We were hoping for this summer, but it now looks like it's not going to be until next Spring....more

Looking Forward To Fall

I know Fall is still a month or so off, but the weather cools off around here at the end of August, which is only ...more

Kitchen Progress

I wish I could say that we are farther along with the kitchen reno at the mountain cottage, but alas, I cannot....more

Reclaimed Wood Coat Rack

We're still plugging along doing little projects to get the house ready for sale. We're resigned to the fact that it's going to take us most likely until next Spring; which is ok with us. This.. ....more

A Simple Summer Tablescape

Do you keep your table set? I like to keep our breakfast table set because it looks pretty and it's an easy thing to do. For my simple summer tablescape, I used dishes, flatware and accessories.. ....more

A Little Painting Project

How have y'all been? I haven't posted in awhile or been on Facebook or Instagram much since Sunday June 28th because I had a.. a... well, we'll just call it an episode.. ....more

Basement Family Room

The basement painting is finished! Well, everything but the outside door is anyway. We felt the need to lighten things up, as basements, even walkout basements like ours, need all the light they can.. ....more

Lighten It Up With Paint

Mr. DIY is still working hard on the project list and trying to get things done and...more