Recap: Dylan's First Halloween

After two years of failed Halloweens, after protesting his costume for weeks, being unable to walk past Halloween decorations without freezing in fear, and then waking up sick on October 30th, we did it. Dylan finally had his very first Halloween experience. YAY! ...more

The Opposite of Pregnant Chick Envy

A reoccurring phenomenon takes place with each of my pregnancies: I become possessed. Somehow the positive, happy, relaxed and sharp lady that I normally am is replaced with a wretched woman that lacks patience, focus, energy, and enthusiasm. I’m just not myself ....more

The 30 Day Bright Mind Challenge: Results

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone ....more

Old Dog...Same Tricks

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone ....more

Suffering from Crazy Pregnant Lady Syndrome

“But what if we both die and he never sees us again? He’s not going to understand what happened and he’s going to be so sad.”...more

Not Playing With My Toddler (He Had it Coming)

Because time is like quicksand and plans on sucking me down until I’m buried in more past than future, I try my very best to soak in every moment of my toddler’s childhood that I can. This means when my son pulls at my hand insisting, “Play with me? Yeah? ...more

Mom's [Non-Existent] Book Club

Before I joined the parental posse, I had a long running list of activities I knew I wanted to do with my hypothetical child(ren). One of the big ones was: read. And for years, I’ve maintained a draft email featuring various titles I would buy and read to these little bookworms I would one day water and grow ....more

Bad Mommy - Trouble at School

Don’t be fooled by the red lipstick and high heels, this heart is all boy. Tomboy, anyway. Growing up in a house of five daughters, I was frequently referred to as my mom’s only son ....more

Pregnancy - Not Blowing Up

Even though I’m super excited that I’m expecting a little girl, there isn’t much else I enjoy about expecting. Unfortunately, I’m not one of those over the moon pregnant women that resemble fertility goddesses and feel their best during these 9 months. I'm tired, yo' ....more

Things Dylan Does - My Overachieving Tot

"One day there will be hell to pay," I tell myself in the midst of the physical and mental abuse. "But for now, he is merely a child." I like to say that, too. Dylan was about a year old when he started doing naughty things such as slamming his head against the tile floor when upset, and people liked to offer condolences in the form of, "Oh! ...more