Facebook & Friendship

A lot of people have been sending me a recent Wall Street Journal article about how Facebook is ruining friendships. One even cautioned after he sent it: "not that there's anything wrong with our friendship." This prompted me to think further about this.  I'm generally a very black and white type of person, and just accepted that people either got Facebook or they didn't, and if they fell into ...more

Generationally Speaking - Survey on Women's Issues

I'm writing an article for PINK magazine ( www.pinkmagazine.com) about what Gen Y, Gen X and Boomer businesswomen really think about each other and some of the issues like "opting out", "mommy wars", "glass ceilings", "gender gap", etc. ...more

New business blog for women needs your feedback

Hi Everyone - I wanted to introduce myself and ask all you fabulous blogging women for your feedback on our new women's business blog, The Women's Dish. I'm actually not totally new to blogging (having blogged for the Boston Globe for three years), and we've run a minor one on the DowntownWomensClub.com website in the past. But I could really use your help to take this new blog to the next level. ...more

I will definitely check out your new site! I'm dedicating January and February to learning as ...more