Boy and Girl Scouts offers wonderful experiences!!

I have been a Girl Scout, Cub Scout leader, Boy Scout leader, and Girl Scout leader.... Scouts have taken up much of my life.  Not all of my experiences have been positive, but as a whole, I can honestly say that the benefits children can receive from Scouts is invaluable and worth the time and effort. ...more

About ME!

I suppose my first post should be explaining who I am. I'm married for the second time and just celebrated my 15th anniversary.  My 'childhood' marriage only lasted a few years, but gave me some fun times, great military travel, and a beautiful daughter!  I'm 44 years old and the mother of three now:  BK, girl, is 23 years, JT, boy, 13 years, and KA, girl, 10 years. ...more

Here I goooo..............

It was suggested to me a long time ago that I should write a blog about child raising and child care. I don't begin to think that I have all the answers, but after raising 3 wonderful children and helping to raise many more as a child care provider, I've experienced more than most parents and have an idea of what works and what is just not worth the time and I go.  My plan, as of now, is to blog whenever someone asks me a question.  This plan may change since I have much more experience with children than I do with blogs!  lol ...more