To the family of Duncan

I have been sitting on my feelings for a few weeks. I get upset when reading or watching the news. So I get up and move away from the keyboard and TV screen because I don’t like the anger I feel in my heart ....more

So I am homeschooling and it is really kind of cool

I could have started this with “Someone shoot me now.” I’ve had a few of those days since I started homeschooling on September 1st 2014. My first year ever. Four kids ....more

5 Tips on cleaning the bathroom when you have boys.

You walk into your guest bathroom and see pee splatter on the back of the lid. If you have little boys you know what I’m talking about. So you size it up ....more

I’m still mourning the death of my son, but he never died.

Last night in my dream one of my sons died. He was eight years old ....more

Stop criticizing us for pouring ice water over our heads for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Most everyone with some tie to society has seen and heard of the ALS Association’s meme of the ice water challenge to raise funds and awareness for Lou Gehrig’s disease. Many people across our country and beyond have gladly taken on the challenge when called out by someone else. We have laughed ....more

McDonalds and the ordering mystery

I’m standing in the line at McDonald’s quickly scanning the picture menu up on the wall. I scan and stop at my favorite. The quarter pounder bacon and cheese ....more

Dear Diary: When did kids get so creepy?

If you’ve just popped in and you haven’t been here in a while, or this is your first time, you will need to briefly read the post below this one. I’ll wait. Ok, so our room is done ....more

Dear Diary: When is a lie not a lie?

I’m sitting here looking at a King sized mattress leaning on end against our couch in the living room. It’s scary. And big ....more

Dear OBGYN: I don’t need to exercise, I have kids.

Dear OBGYN who raised an eyebrow and showed disapproval when I admitted I do not exercise. I would like to claim a retraction. You see, when I was naked with only a paper bib as my shield of confidence while lying there resembling a horizontal jockey, I was a bit intimidated ....more

The Colonoscopy Diaries – part 3, final chapter

This is the final chapter of my colonoscopy story. I saw you just roll your eyes. Stop it ....more