Using Prong Collars Incorrectly Is Dog Abuse!

Yesterday, while driving to meet up with some friends for dinner, I noticed a woman walking a black dog who was probably about 50 pounds with a prong collar on. Now, I will say flat out that I am not against prong collars. When used by someone who knows what they are doing and doesn't use too much force, prong collars are an excellent training tool, especially when working with a large dog and a little person. However, this woman was definitely NOT using the prong collar correct. How do I know just by the split second I saw them? The woman was also using a flexi-leash....more

Top Used Appliances in My Kitchen

You might be surprised to hear that when we hosted Thanksgiving a couple weeks back, only one thing went in our oven for any length of time: the turkey. Yes, the sweet potatoes went in for a little bit too, but that was only long enough to melt the marshmallows on top. In general, we rarely use our oven. It is a big heat and energy sink and is not necessary for a lot of the things we make. Oven meals also seem to take longer and we simply don't have the time. So, how do we eat? Simple, using our small kitchen appliances. Here are the ones we use most and why:...more

Wanted: The Little Garbage Thief

Unfortunately for us, Arccos seems to have learned a new trick: opening up our bathroom trashcans. I should have known that the little thump thump thump I heard while I was showering was not a good sign, but stupid me, I ignored it. Oh, and want to know the best part? Tasha likes to pick up the dirty tissues Arccos removes from said trashcans and brings them to us in order to tattle on him! Our dogs definitely don’t lack personality....more

Do I Regret Saving a Life? Rescuing a Troubled Dog

A few months ago, Tasha tried really hard to play with another dog in the apartment complex. She scared the dog and the dog attacked....more

Don't Make Fun of Your Neatnik Friend: She Might Have OCPD

I have always been an anxious person. Whenever my mother would get angry or upset, I would follow her around the house until she grew happy again. Let me tell you, it usually had the opposite effect....more

How to Help Your Dog Overcome Her Fears

When we first got our dog, Tasha, she was very afraid of the shower, even to the extent that she would not go into the bathroom while we were in there. She is usually a dog that sticks right by our sides all the time. Recently, a Facebook friend posted a comment about how her dog is afraid of her new office chair. Everyone gets phobias that can be debilitating if left unsolved. For me, that phobia is lightning, but everyone has something and dogs are no exception....more

How to Pay off Crushing Student Debt on a Busy Schedule

The other day, one of my friends and I were having a discussion about finances. I don't know how the conversation started, but it seems like most of my discussions these days seem to circle around that single topic. I don't know whether it is because I am just so passionate about it, whether people see me as a resource to bounce ideas off of, or whether that is the state that many people in their 20s are in: student debt that really piles up due to parents not being able to afford to help send their children to college after the crash of the housing market....more

I Don't Say the Pledge