Angels & Airwaves third album due out Valentine's Day

Ok, so I’m super stoked. I just found out one of my favorite bands (Angles & Airwaves) has a new album coming out in February (2/14/09). It’s titled Love and will be the third album of the group created by Blink-182 front man Tom Delonge. Apparently they have been talking about the album since like July. Where have I been?...more

I'm back

I wear a lot of hats like most of the women I know. But when my son was born last year my first time mom hat took over and blogging took a back seat. I feared spending too much time online because of the possibility of missing those beautiful moments off.  But after some time, I began to miss it.  I missed weighing in on the issues that are important to me and those that are simply matters of frivolity. And really, I came to see being a mom as manageable and not the  big scary world everyone had been warning me it was....more