Return to Haiti: First, Let's Get the Bus Parked Without Dying

Pulling into Gonaives on our bone-rattling Pumpkin bus was like entering a maze. We turned down dirt roads walled by concrete, single lanes where we could see a home rising block by block just above the wall. All I could think was whether this home, one day, would collapse on someone. The single-lane dirt road turns and twists back on itself, barely wide enough for our bus to make a corner. Every lot in town that can has a wall facing the road, even if the wall is only careful stacks of broken blocks. ...more

Return to Haiti: Tweets from the Bus From Port-au-Prince

I'm en route to Haiti at the moment. Here are a sample of Twitter observations by people who are already there. They're tweeting from the bus between Port-Au-Prince and Gonaives, where we will be providing medical care in a remote mountain location that is housing refugees from the earthquake but that hasn't had medical care at all yet. ...more

Women Inside Haiti's Hospital

Day six: Because of a Haitian government directive, we now have to abandon our plans to continue to provide care in the massive sheet cities. We're a team of Bay Area healthcare providers, and this is my first ever relief work. When we worked in the sheet cities during the last days, I'd been amazed at the women of Haiti, amazed at both their suffering, and their strength. ...more

As I read your piece I could not contain my tears. I am so humbled by your devotion, empathy and ...more