Day 27 - Giving Thanks

Day 26 - Warning Labels

 Most people know that they shouldn't drink and drive...but they d...more

Day 25 - Text You Later

Part of my evening wind-down routine is to get onto the computer and do what I call "link leaps of faith."  You know when you click a link that takes you to another link and so on, and so on...?...more

Day 24 - Breaking News

 Grissom:  That's not what the evidence says.Catherine: Well, maybe the evidence is wrong.Grisson: ...more

Day 23 - Be Still

Lake Roosevelt, 10/2009 vb ...more

Day 22 - Saturday Night Dance Party

 What would you tell your 20-something year old selfif you could go back in time..? I'd tell me to stay in shape so I could continued...more

Day 21 - What's Next?

 I loved the TV show "The West Wing" for many reasons.Today, o...more

Day 20 - Moo...

 Before you notice that I missed a day there,just take a few moments to enjoy this pastoral sceneinvolving cows... Nothing can be wrong wit...more

Day 18 - When the Patient Comes Home

 Back in June, I wrote about my DHthe hang glider. I wrote ...more