Alive and Kicking

 I can't believe I've been doing this over the last 5 years.Wow, time sure flies......more

C is for Cruise

Back in May of last year, I wrote about my mother's illness and how my only hope was that she would make it to a planned cruise in September.  She did......more

B is for Bubbles

 Bubbles B.That was my mom's nickname at work...When she worked with Beckman Industrialwhom she worked for during 35 years..!...more

A is for Annie

A is for Annie If you're a follower of my blog, you know that I've written about my mother in the past, and almost a year ago I wrote that she is in failing health.  I am dedicating this year's A to Z Challenge to her since it's her birthday month...more

Nature Photo Challenge, Day 7

Day 7 of 7 - While I have many photographs of our trip to Alaska, this has to be one of my favorites. The timing of the riverboat turning and the double rainbow was perfect....more
Well that is one nice rainbow. We rarely see it at my hometown anymore.more

Nature Photo Challenge, Day 6

that's a really sick photo.more

Nature Photo Challenge, Day 5

Day 5: I know technically this is a montage of 6 photos... but it's also a one-in-a-million shot... ...more

Nature Photo Challenge, Day 4

Day 4: When we do a road trip, my hubby and I like to sometimes go off the beaten path. If a sign on the road sounds interesting, we'll take a little side trip and check it out. Sometimes we accidentally find something amazing... like this waterfall in a Washington State forest area off a forest road that our GPS for some reason thought was going to be faster than staying on the main highway. Shorter yes, faster no... but we did catch some amazing scenery......more

Nature Photo Challenge, Day 3

Day 3: When I take my camera out for a day of shooting, I try to find the unusual shot or angle. Sure, I'll take a picture of a famous landmark, but I'll always try to find a new angle or frame for it... but I also look for photos in the minutiae... like this small mushroom jutting out of the moss... while everyone else was looking up, I was looking down, and found a magical little world. ...more

Nature Photo Challenge, Day 2

Day two of an online photo challenge on Facebook:There's something about logs on the beach that I love to photograph. I like their texture. I like to imagine their story of how they traveled from some wooded area and fell into a river, then were carried downstream to the ocean where they might have floated a long distance before landing on the beach. They might even still float away at high tide to another destination. ...more