Abstinence v. Moderation and the Quest for Happiness

I just found this cool blog called The Happiness Project, authored by Gretchen Rubin whose book by the same title is coming out in late 2009 (Harper Collins). In one of her posts, she discusses different personality types -- on the one hand, the person who finds it easiest to exercise control over their behavior through being moderate and on the other hand, the person who prefers to abstain from a behavior altogether. And she wonders, at the end of the post, whether ...more

Mother-Son Conflict: Computer Games

It’s that time of whatever.  I rebel against saying “month.”  I am on edge.  Every little thing is getting to me.  I can’t figure out how to structure the day.  It doesn’t help that this is our second snow day and I’m feeling lots of guilt that I have no imagination or desire to make the kids’ lives at home fun or interesting.  Crafts?  Build a snowman?  Bake some cookies or cake?  Ugh, no.  ...more

Emily Dickinson's Soul Lives On

Emily Dickinson is a poet who has always spoken to me. ...more
I like this!more

A Child's View of Civil RIghts

My husband and I are putting the kids to bed.  Jeff finishes the bedtime story -- I Wish I Had Duck Feet -- during which Norah has been darting back and forth between the rocker in Kieran's room, where the story is going on, and Kieran's bed, where I am lying, breasts exposed, for her to steal sporadic sucks as the story progresses. ...more