What I Don't Know Can't Hurt Me

As far as I know, I’ve only come close to being pelted with rotten tomatoes once in my professional life. Many years ago, a colleague asked me to take her place as a speaker, to talk marketing with a group of directors of various arts organizations-dance companies, galleries, theater groups and the like. ...more

Get With The Plan

It’s two and a half weeks into 2009 and, when I’ve asked about plans for the year, so many people have told me they simply don’t have time to plan.  Too busy doin’, ya know. I firmly believe in the power of planning.  So if you find yourself plan-less on January 19, I hope you will consider the following: ...more

Keeping A Small Business Afloat--Jenn and Nicole/Week #2

Progress Report(If you don’t know their story, read about them in last week’s post.) Jenn and Nicole have made great progress in clarifying their first quarter tasks.   Here are their action items: ...more

How A Real Woman Transitions From A Large Firm To A Solo Practice--Angela 1/13/09

Angela Reddock is an attorney, specializing in employment and labor law issues, in practice for 14 years.   She previously worked on her own, but gave it up to work for a large law firm.  “I felt I needed an association with a larger firm to be successful,” she says.   Now, she’s starting up her own practice again.  “Having my own firm gives me the opportunity to practice law in a manner which I deem important, while also providing me the freedom and flexibility to pursue my civic and public interests,” she explains. Making The Decision ...more

More On Lauren Starting A Small Business--Progress Report 1/13/09

Progress Report Lauren has made some big decisions in the past week: (If you don't know Lauren's story, check last week's post about her) She's invited a partner, her friend Annie, to open the sewing lounge with her. They've decided on a name:  Stitch L.A. Their business structure is an LLC and Lauren is the managing member. The lease will be in the name of the corporation. They are still negotiating terms with the landlady. My questions/comments for Lauren: ...more

How Real Women Keep a Small Business Afloat in a Lousy Economy: Jennifer and Nicole and their Branding Firm

As a business whisperer, I work with lots of women whose ideas and effort have made them successful, but who then, in light of external changes, must re-think their approach. Weathering a Bad Economy ...more

How A Real Woman Starts A Real Small Business: Lauren and a Sewing Lounge

I want to offer you an opportunity to be a fly on the wall and get an up-close and personal look at how one real woman goes about starting a real business.  This is the first in a continuing series about Lauren. Lauren's Vision ...more

Desiree,  not only were you able to fulfill your fashion designer dreams and be there for ...more

Stop Waiting For Motivation: How To Get Yourself Moving When You're Stuck

Stuck happens…to all of us. You want to start your own business, but there’s so much to do, you don’t know where to begin. Or you want to make a career transition, but you can’t seem to get started. There are a million reasons for not moving forward, but we often tell ourselves that we will get to doing once we start feeling more up to the task. And that’s where we go wrong. ...more

Timing Is Everything: The Care And Feeding Of Your Marketing Efforts

I read an article on StartUpNation.com (http://www.startupnation.com/articles/1613/1/customer-holiday-pain-point...) about how to up your sales during the holiday season.  It wisely suggested trying to ease your customers' traditional holiday 'pain points'--inconvenience, stock shortages, stress, overspending--by focusing on programs or services designed to provide relief in those specific areas.  Smart. ...more

Seize The Month: Why Your Efforts In December Will Pay You Back All Year Long

At some point in my childhood, I noticed that by late afternoon onSundays, the carefree fun of the weekend would simply disappear,replaced by butterflies in my stomach that signaled a brand newweek was about to begin. A week for which I had done nothing toprepare. A Monday morning which would be a miserable scrambleto get myself and my stuff together and off to school–usually late ...more