My Week in Photos: Foto Friday

Hi there! I figured it was time again to for a week in photos. Hey, I can call it Foto Friday! And, I can look like I no can the spell by spelling photo with an F. Two birds, one giant stone rolled in spelling errors. Just keep in mind, they allowed me  to stop taking English in high school halfway through senior year because I had passed all my previous English classes with an A. And we're off!...more

Moldy Dinosaurs

I used to tell my Mom she went to school with dinosaurs. Or maybe I accused her of riding to school on a dinosaur. Rawr and yeehaw!Either way I was calling her old. Cause that's what kids do, call their parents old. ...more

My Son Wants to Be Like Justin Bieber

My son is seven years old. When he was six, I let him watch the Justin Bieber movie, Never Say Never. It was on Netflix and he thought the picture looked cool. I need to teach him about not judging books by their covers, or in this case, movies by their pictures. And let me say, before I go deeper into my issues: My son calls him Justin Beaver. I didn't sway his pronunciation because I'm an asshole Mom who happens to loathe Justin Bieber; the kid speaks what he hears. He called helicopters "hopper toppers" until he was five. Motorcycles were "cyclebikes." It's cute. ...more
What you do is tell him about this: ...more

Who are all the people in your neighborhood?

I've written about some of my neighbors in a previous long forgotten post. Here actually......more

Living a One-Armed Life

I did not lose an arm. I kinda lost an arm. It's holding a baby and has left me with one arm available to complete every task, alone. I joked with my husband when I had my son about my one armed life. Oh, the things I could with just one arm. My son liked me, no, loved the bejeezus out of me. I was his pacifier. He wanted to be held and rocked and bounced until I couldn't do it anymore, but I still continued to do it because he needed it. ...more
I am almost ashamed to admit how often I wear my little girl (even at 6 months) so that I can ...more

Where have all the carrots gone?

I opened the fridge this morning to get my son breakfast at the ungodly hour of 5:45am. Why so early?The short, short version is my son loves owls and he needs to be at a ferry terminal in Portland before 7:45am. Our motto this week is "boot and rally"....more

Banana Ice Cream...without cream

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. I stole this from Nom Nom Paleo. If you were smart, you would too.She is a genius food blogger and I lurve the fact that she has a cookbook coming out in December. ...more