Life After Purging: Guest Bedroom

Over the summer I switched my office and our guest bedroom....more

Closing a Door: The End of a Business

A few months ago my husband and I decided that we were going to take a break from our photography business through the end of this year....more

Sophisticated Zoo Animal Backyard Baby Shower

This fall I helped host a backyard baby shower for one of my dear friends....more

What's In My Bag: Travel First Aid Kit

I put together a little travel first aid kit for the last vacation we went on....more

Entryway and Bedroom Updates

While I was tidying the house and photographing our new dining and living room setup I thought I would take the opportunity to photograph our entryway and bedroom....more

Our New Dining Room Space

Today I am excited to share our new dining room with you....more

Updated Dining Room Switch

It has been a few weeks since I originally decided to switch our dining and living rooms....more

What I Have Been Wearing This Fall

The past year has been one of purging, reevaluating my wardrobe, embracing that I am in my 30's, and looking for a more simple and classic look....more

1920's Garden Birthday Party

Back in August we celebrated my birthday 1920's style....more

Halloween Driveway Party

On Halloween this year we carried on our new tradition of hosting a little gathering out on our driveway for neighbors, family, and friends to come by to hang out while we pass out candy to trick or treaters....more