Preparing the House for Baby: Dining Room

The last room that we changed up in preparation for our baby is the dining room....more

Preparing the House for Baby: Living Room & New Couch

We have been wanting a new couch for awhile now (and a new refrigerator...but that will have to be for another day!)....more

Navigating Our Next Unknown Destination

In light of my recent announcement that we are moving later this year, I thought I would share a few thoughts I had jotted down in my travel journal....more

Preparing the House for Baby: Master Bedroom

Over the past few months I have slowly been getting the house ready for the arrival of our baby boy....more

Making a Quilt with My Nephew

A few months ago when I was sewing projects for our baby boy, my nephew showed quite a bit of interest in wanting to sew....more

Neutral Gray and White Boy Nursery

Today I am excited to share our sweet baby boy's nursery....more

Our Last Days Together

The last few weeks I had left with my nephews were bittersweet....more

Baby's First Year: A Baby Book

I'm an attention to details kind of girl....more

Walking in Faith: An Update on Moving

Over the past year we have been weighing the decision of whether or not to move to the east coast for my husband's job (you can read more about it here)....more

Baby Things: A Few Rambling Thoughts

It seems these days that I have so much I want to share but very little time and energy to actually share them....more