Simple Chocolate Banana Protein Shake

I am a huge fan of shakes....more

Fall Backyard Entertaining: Birthday Party

My dad's birthday is in September and so hosting his birthday party is always my first sign of autumn....more

Fall, Fake Pumpkins, and Embracing Some Simplicity

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Five Years Ago: Our Wedding Video

Five years ago today we got married....more

Color Crush: Navy, Black, and Pink--Adding Bold Patterns

It is no secret I love the colors navy and pink but it was not until just recently that I realized how the colors could pull a room together....more

Cleaning Jewelry at Home

Cleaning my own jewelry is one of those at home conveniences that has proven to be worth a small investment....more

Finding a New Rhythm: Moms Group

At the end of last fall I decided to commit to coordinating a new moms groups at my church....more

Vacation Cameras: What We Shoot With

Over the past year we have added a few cameras to our collection....more

Glorious Treats Cookie Decorating Birthday Party

My sweet younger sister in law has always been a big fan of all things baking....more

Peanut Butter Yogurt Dip and Apples

In constant attempts to make good food choices in my life, this little peanut yogurt dip has become my go to daytime snack....more