Michael Jackson and Me

I cried like a baby when I learned Michael Jackson was dead. I was already teary-eyed when I heard the news. I had just posted this about my father-in-law's illness. I was missing my mother-in-law like crazy, lamenting a blow-up with Graham during which I lost my temper and terrified about how Rob was going to cope with the seemingly never-ending stress. ...more

Why the Bad Mother trend is not good

At the risk of appearing terribly outdated and completely out of step with what the media has apparently identified as the latest trend sweeping the mom crowd, I'd like to step up and declare something publicly. I am a good mom. Shocking isn't it? I don't think so either, but having been inundated these last several months by the idea that the "in" thing is to declare yourself as a bad parent, the rebel in me just wanted to be clear about how I feel. ...more

Are you there God? It's me Kelly.

"I'd like to talk to Graham about God and Heaven," Graham's babysitter said last week. She is a dear family friend and was my late mother-in-law's best friend. "That is, if you don't mind." And I don't mind, exactly. But neither did I know exactly how to respond. ...more

Times On-Line Flunks Journalism 101

I don't know whether to be flattered or furious. I feel flattered because I was quoted yesterday, quite extensively I might add, in a story entitled Danger online: Perils of revealing every intimate moment published in the Times On-Line, the Internet version of the venerable UK newspaper. ...more

Of Pearls and Swinr

Don't throw your pearls before swine. I remember my late Irish grandmother saying that to me when I was an awkward tomboy, brimming with energy and a palpable yearning to be accepted and liked by other children. And I used to giggle at her and feel just a little embarrassed, even though I didn't know exactly what the expression meant. But I know what it means now. ...more

Angel Time

It is a lovely song, far more affecting and restrained than you would expect to find on a children's Christmas compilation from Walt Disney records. The CD liner is long gone, so I know only that the song is called Angel Time and it's a rather stirring ballad sung by a woman with a strong, lilting voice. And for whatever reason this song has found its way into my son's tender heart and moved him more than he can understand or fully express. The first time Graham heard it, I noticed him perk up and listen intently. ...more

Real Housewife in Don Mills Meets Real Housewife of NYC

I had it all planned. It was going to be a snark-down of epic proportions: the Don Mills Diva vs. A Real Housewife of New York City. ...more

Better Barney Than Tarantino

It's no secret that maintaining some semblance of cool as I wade further into the mire of parenthood is somewhat of a priority for me: it's right there in my blog sidebar after all. But there is one area in which I know I am destined to remain on the non-cool side of the fence, hopelessly old-fashioned and stubbornly dogmatic. And that area involves violent and crime-ridden television shows, movies and video games. ...more

Chill Pill Anyone?

Is it just me? Or did the whole Motrin controversy that blew up over the Internetz this weekend give you a headache too? ...more

You make a very good point. Besides, ads get it wrong ALL THE TIME, not just in this case. ...more

Code 11

Graham recently decided he is too big to ride in the grocery cart when we shop together. And I don't tolerate screeching very well, so last Thursday evening at our massive local Superstore after hearing "I want to walk!" approximately 20 times in 10 minutes I lifted him out, cautioned him to stay by my side and resigned myself to accepting his help pushing the cart. ...more